What does technology really mean to my business?

Sometimes technology can go unnoticed and the real-world, bottom-line benefits are difficult to fully understand — until you see their results.

Screed heating systems can fail on the job, leaving streaks in the mat and ultimately leading to poor screed performance. Keeping the screed plates heating correctly can be a real concern. On Cat® F-Series Pavers equipped with SE-Series screeds, that concern is virtually non-existent due to the smart technology in these machines. Exclusive temperature zone monitoring ensures heating continues if a temperature sensor fails. The system automatically defaults to other sensors located throughout the screed and keeps it heating to the selected temperature.

When grade conditions and surface irregularities are less than ideal, the technology in the Exclusive Mobil-Trac™ undercarriage helps ensure that the system absorbs bumps and minimize tow-point movement for a smoother paved surface.

Paving in urban applications means dodging many obstacles — in doing so, visibility can be compromised. Integrated technology in the dual operating stations of Cat Pavers is a real benefit. Operators can simply activate a single switch and seamlessly transfer settings between stations without having to make adjustments to travel speed or feeder system control—unmatched efficiency that is easily seen.

Simply Advanced

Technology with a user-friendly interface and performance improvements are just some of the benefits of the Cat F-Series pavers and screeds.

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