The new<br>Cat® MD6310<br> is here!

The new
Cat® MD6310
is here!Caterpillar to the core.
Accurate to the centimeter.

We’re giving all three of these options at no charge with drills
ordered between July 1-Dec. 31, 2018.* MD6310 ONLY.

*2-year extended warranty covered through EPP. Tricone bits will be shipped with machine, not through aftermarket. 1-year interest free financing available through Cat financial. Available at participating dealers for eligible customers.

Built to stand up to the toughest mining applications

Get a first look at the features and functions that make the new Cat MD6310 rotary drill the right choice for your mine.

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Built to stand up to the toughest mining applications

Combine a 100% Caterpillar design with exclusive, integrated technology options and what do you get? Up to four times greater pattern accuracy. With the new Cat® MD6310 rotary blasthole drill, you choose the level of automation you need to ensure every hole is placed and drilled to plan every time. It’s precision performance that drives down your costs and and drives up your profitability.

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Get to Know the MD6310
Get to Know the MD6310

A new cab with superior air quality and maximum visibility. Ergonomic controls and a suspension mounted seat. Product Link Elite and configurable for a variety of technology packages. Learn more about the new features that make the Cat MD6310 the best option for your mine site.

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Take a quick look at the benefits your mine can get from the MD6310 rotary drill.

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Destination: Autonomous Drilling

Building on the precision and productivity of Terrain for drilling, Cat Command for drilling helps your drills operate safely and productively — even when there’s no operator on board.

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Go in-depth with the specifications and features of the MD6310 rotary drill.

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