Your Disaster Prep Shopping List – 21 Beyond-Basic Ideas


Your Disaster Prep Shopping List – 21 Beyond-Basic Ideas

Get ahead of the crowds and stock up on these useful items before a pending disaster.

You’ve seen all the prepping lists: non-perishable food, water, flashlights, generator, fuel, and a first aid kit. That’s a good start.

You can do better. Here’s a list of things beyond the basics that will fly off shelves in the days before and after a major storm. Get them early and you’ll be able to avoid the lines and focus on prepping your house and then on cleaning up after the storm has passed.

  1. Headband mounted lights and extra batteries much more convenient than carrying around a hand-held light.
  2. Walkie talkies – you can get a decent set for under $75. They’ll come in handy should you be out helping neighbors, looking for dogs, etc., especially if cell phone service is unavailable.
  3. Solar-powered lights that go in your yard – you can bring them indoors if you run out of fuel for your generator or don’t have a generator.
  4. Trash bags – a must have for cleanup post storm.
  5. Bleach – good for killing mold and purifying drinking water. You can also pour it in standing water to fend off mosquitos.
  6. Plywood – if you’re in a hurricane zone you should have this on hand year-round. Get it now and prep it to fit over your windows.
  7. Electric fans – you’ll want them to dry stuff out post-storm and provide much needed air flow should you not have working air conditioning in your home.
  8. Secondary, battery powered sump pump – battery back-ups will kick on automatically and are a safety net in case your primary pump fails or you run out of fuel for your backup generator.
  9. Tarps – After series of back-to-back hurricanes in 2017, tarps were on backorder for weeks. You can use them to cover your home air conditioning unit during the storm and cover up damage post-storm, etc.
  10. Ropes / bungee cords – good for securing your tarps and anything else that could blow away.
  11. Oil (for your generator) – if you have a new generator, you’ll need to change the oil after the first 20 hours and then every 100 hrs thereafter. Remember, NEVER operate a generator indoors or in confined spaces and connection to your home must ALWAYS be made by qualified personnel. Carbon monoxide and electrical connection hazards can be deadly.
  12. Cash – you’ll need cash if credit card systems and ATMs are out of commission.
  13. Ax – keep it in your attic.
  14. Chainsaw, oil, extra chains – even if you don’t have downed trees on your property, you’re almost certain to know someone who will.
  15. Work gloves – picking up debris, tree limbs, and garbage can be hazardous. Gloves will protect your hands from… well, a lot of stuff.
  16. Whistle – should you find yourself in a situation where you need to be rescued, a whistle will be key to getting rescue teams’ attention.
  17. Glow sticks – perfect to hang from your dog’s collar so you can keep track of him at night.
  18. Dust masks – you’ll want these for post storm clean-up. Trust us.
  19. Duct tape – good for sealing things up, holding things down. It’s duct tape – need we say more.
  20. Fire extinguisher – you should have one of these in your home anyway, but if you don’t, get one.
  21. Good walking shoes – post storm, you may find yourself walking quite a bit, whether it’s to check on neighbors, evacuate your home, or search for your pets. Wear good shoes because you never know how long you’ll be in them.


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