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Power smart: general operating and safety tips

Power Smart.

Tips for safely transporting your Cat® RP Series portable generators in a vehicle

Safe transportation is all about planning ahead.

Your Cat portable generator was designed to be easy to move - push and pull it with ease and the compact design makes it easier to fit into a vehicle. If you do plan to transport your generator in a vehicle, then there are a few steps you should take to prepare to safely do so.

PROPER VEHICLE – Trucks and SUVs are best suited for this, but some cars may be suitable. But just because the generator fits in your vehicle, doesn’t’ mean it’s safe – check the payload capability of your vehicle and make sure your generator fits within its limits. Keep the extra weight in mind when driving – it may take longer to stop and make turns safely.

RECEPTACLE FOR EXTRA FUEL: NEVER transport your generator with gasoline in its tank. It’s a good idea to have a pan or bucket on hand to drain the fuel if you need to. DO NOT place the pan or bucket containing fuel into our vehicle.

LOADING: Make sure you have proper equipment and assistance to load and unload your generator. Plan to have at least one other person to help with lifting and always use proper lifting form. Ramps can also be a cost effective option for safe loading and unloading – make sure they’re heavy duty enough to support your weight and the weight of the generator and always ensure they’re secure and properly spaced.

PROPER TIE DOWNS – The generator should be securely fastened inside your vehicle, in the bed, or vehicle cab – never on top of it. Your tie downs should be secure enough to prevent the generator from moving around in the vehicle if you stop suddenly or are involved in an accident. Ratchet straps are ideal. If you use bungee cords, make sure they’re tight.

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Meet the RP Series

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