Caterpillar Adds Oscillatory Vibration System to the New CB10 Asphalt Compactor

For Release in North America & Europe: November 2016 
Release Number: 525PR16

Caterpillar Inc. announces the addition of oscillatory vibration to its expanding lineup of asphalt compactors. The new CB10 is a 10 metric ton asphalt compactor that can be equipped with a combination of oscillatory and vibratory drums. The CB10 with oscillation technology builds upon the proven durability and performance offered by existing Cat® Asphalt Compactors and delivers the solutions that helps contractors become more versatile, productive, and profitable. 

Caterpillar Oscillation Design

The design combines Caterpillar’s high-performance vertical vibration on the front drum with new oscillation technology on the rear drum. The front drum with vertical vibration is available in two amplitude, five amplitude, or Versa-Vibe™ systems that provides initial compaction, while the rear drum with oscillation continues the excellent performance for optimal smoothness and density.

The oscillatory system utilizes the proven pod-style eccentric weight technology developed by Caterpillar and has a 2 year/2000 hour service interval that helps contractors maximize uptime and limit routine maintenance costs. A durable power-transmission employs a unique belt-drive system that delivers 2-times the load capacity of timing belt systems for more reliable operation. In addition, the hardened drum shell offers exceptional long-term strength on a variety of mix designs and delivers outstanding mat texture, density, and smoothness.


Versatility is essential for contractors to make the most of their equipment. The Cat CB10 with vibration and oscillation offers a wide range of applications from large expressway projects to smaller, yet critical, urban-type work. The front drum utilizes vertical vibration that delivers the amplitudes and frequency options for thicker lifts and tough mix designs, while the oscillation system on the rear drum performs effectively on thin lifts and near sensitive structures such as buildings, bridge decks, and over underground utilities like fiber-optics, electric, water, and gas lines.

CB10 Features

The CB10 continues to build upon the many great features offered by its CB54B predecessor. Exceptional visibility and control, as well as the smooth operating powertrain continue to perform as expected, while refinements to the water spray system, service access, and lighting package provide a boost to operators and service personnel. Furthermore, the infra-red mat temperature sensors have been integrated into the front and rear bumpers for greater protection and performance.

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