New Cat® MH3250 and MH3260 Material Handlers

High performance with low operating costs achieved in the toughest applications by the new Cat® MH3250 and MH3260 Material Handlers

For Release in North America: April 2021
Release Number: 284PR21


Setting the standard for uncompromising power and performance, the new Cat® MH3250 and MH3260 models deliver high efficiency in demanding material handling applications. Replacing the historical Cat 330D MH and 345 C MH models respectively, the Next Generation MH3250 and MH3260 tracked material handlers boast longer maintenance intervals and improved fuel efficiency to decrease owning and operating costs up to 20%. An entirely new cab concept elevates operator comfort throughout the shift to increase productivity.

Both models feature new mechanical variable-gauge undercarriages that flexibly improve machine transportation without sacrificing lifting performance. Track gauge retracts to 10-ft 7-in (3 220-mm) to lower transport costs and make moving the material handlers more efficient. When at the yard, gauge extends to 12-ft 2-in (3 720-mm) wide to increase stability and maximize lift capacities. The MH3250 and MH3260 deliver impressive capacities when working at their respective 52-ft 6-in (16 010-mm) and 59-ft 1-in (18 000-mm) maximum reach, reducing the number of times the material handler has to be repositioned at the yard to increase productivity.

Raising the bar on performance

Three different power modes – Power, Smart and Eco – fine-tune power requirements to the job, so the new MH3250 and MH3260 use less fuel than their predecessors without sacrificing machine performance. Smart Mode automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to working conditions to reduce fuel consumption, while Power Mode provides maximum power to optimize productivity. The machines’ new fuel-efficient engines meet stringent U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards and can run up to B20 biodiesel.

These material handlers operate at up to 8,530-ft (2 600-mm) above sea level without derating and offer standard high-ambient temperature capability of 125˚ F (52˚ C) and cold-start capability of -25˚ F (-32 C˚). New valve priority automatically places hydraulic pressure and flow where it’s required to increase material handling efficiency. Their advanced electrohydraulic system provides the optimum balance of power, efficiency and load control. Auto warm-up reduces the time it takes for hydraulic oil warming in cold temperatures and helps prolong the life of system components.  

A range of attachments and reach options are available for varied applications to increase operating flexibility. Increasing the MH3250’s versatility, it can be equipped with the ex-factory 25 kW generator for magnet operation. Customers can choose from a range of Cat Work Tool attachments in different sizes to meet the site’s material handling and production needs.

Work in comfort

Featuring sound suppression for interior noise reduction and rubber cab mounts to reduce vibration feedback, the all-new Next Generation cab advances operating ease, comfort and productivity. All controls are conveniently positioned in front of and within easy reach of the operator to avoid unnecessary movements. The left-hand console tilts up to offer easy cab entry and exit. Maintaining operator comfort throughout the entire shift in a variety of climates, the premium air-suspension seat is heated and ventilated.

A large, 10-in (254-mm) high-resolution touchscreen monitor with jog-dial offers easy navigation of the intuitive operator controls. Using the new Operator ID function, different machine operators can store their specific joystick and preferred power mode settings, and the machine automatically recalls the settings based on the ID. Improving highwall trailer loading/unloading and shredder loading efficiency, the hydraulically controlled cab rises to a maximum elevation of 19-ft 9-in (6 020-mm).  

Safety in mind

Smaller cab pillars, combined with large tempered windows and a flat engine hood, deliver excellent all-around visibility for the operator, increasing safety. With video feed displayed on the large touchscreen monitor, standard rearview and sideview cameras improve work area visibility. The cab design includes thick, impact-resistant safety laminated windshields that meet P5A standards, while operators are protected from falling and flying debris by the standard Falling Object Guard System (FOGS).

An upper-level service platform with access steps constructed of antiskid punch plate provides easy, safe and quick access to machine service items. In the event of a hydraulic service interruption, the cab can be safely lowered via one of two emergency cab lowering valves, located inside the cab as well as outside of the machine. Check valves on the boom and stick prevent reverse hydraulic oil flow, to maintain the position of the front linkage should the hydraulic system experience an unexpected loss in pressure.

Service simplified

Synchronized service intervals and extended filter replacement schedules reduce maintenance time and costs for the new Cat MH3250 and MH3260 material handlers. All fuel filters feature a coordinated 1,000-operating-hour change interval, and the new air intake filter with precleaner lasts up to 1,000 hours to reduce maintenance requirements. A new hydraulic oil filter improves filtration and increases change intervals to 3,000 operating hours, a 50 percent longer service life than previous filter designs. New anti-drain valves keep the hydraulic oil clean during filter replacement to improve system longevity.

Operators conveniently track filter life and maintenance intervals on the in-cab high-resolution monitor. Eliminating the need for operator interaction, the high-efficiency cooling fan features an automatic reverse function to keep the cores clean, maximizing machine uptime. Conveniently located Cat S∙O∙SSM ports allow for quick fluid sample extraction for analysis, simplifying maintenance.

New remote services capabilities for the MH3250 and MH3260 increase service efficiency and potentially save trips to the jobsite. Remote Flash works around the production schedule to conveniently assure the machine operates with the most current version of on-board software, so it delivers high performance with minimum downtime. The Cat App conveniently helps to manage fleet location, hours, and maintenance schedules and provides alerts for required maintenance needs.

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MH3250 & MH3260 Material Handler Specifications






Cat® C9.3B

Cat® C13

*Net power, hp (kW)

311 (232)

424 (316)

Operating weight, lb (kg)

107,700 (48 850)

133,200 (60 420)

Max. reach, ft/in (mm)

52’ 6” (16 010)

59’ 1” (18 000)

Max. height, ft/in (mm)

55’ 3” (16 850)

58’ 6” (17 820)

*Net power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with fan at minimum speed, air intake system, exhaust system, and alternator.


Cat MH3260 Material Handler

Cat MH3260 Material Handler

Cat MH3250 Material Handler

Cat MH3250 Material Handler

Cat MH3260 Material Handler
Cat MH3250 Material Handler

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