For Release in North America, Europe, Japan & South Korea: March 2017 
Release Number: 30PR17

Aggregate Handler configuration boasts a 14-ton (12.7-tonne) payload allowing customers to maximize production in re-handling applications

The new Cat® 986K wheel loader features a completely redesigned state-of-the-art cab equipped with STIC™ steer and Cat Production Measurement which brings payload weighing to the cab so operators can work more productively and deliver accurate loads with confidence. Combining reliable, efficient loading with multiple lives, the 986K loader helps to improve the company’s bottom line.

Weighing less and shorter than the Cat® 988K loader, the new 986K loader serves as a true replacement to the legacy 988F model, offering a low cost per ton option that meets the operation’s production needs. The 986K loader is right-sized and perfectly matched to load Cat 40- to 61-ton (36.3- to 55.3-tonne) articulated and rigid-frame trucks to maximize productivity. Its new Aggregate Handler configuration includes an 11 yd3 (8,3 m3) bucket and additional counterweight to offer high volume loading of processed aggregates, so highway trucks can be loaded in fewer passes.

Built for Performance

The new 986K wheel loader features Cat STIC steer that combines directional selection, gear selection, and steering into one single joystick. For repetitive tasks such as loading trucks, the joystick control requires significantly less operator energy output compared to steering wheel control to reduce fatigue and increase productivity.

With its standard and high life linkage options, the loader offers optimal pass match for efficient loading of Cat trucks. It delivers four-pass loading of the Cat 740 and 745 articulated and 770 rigid-frame trucks, and the high-lift configuration offers five-pass loading of the Cat 772 and six-pass loading of the 773 rigid-frame trucks. Caterpillar’s proven Z-bar loader linkage offers excellent visibility to the bucket edges and work area and delivers aggressive digging capabilities and high breakout forces.

Meeting U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final (EU Stage IV) emissions standards, the highly responsive Cat C15 ACERT™ engine offers a net power rating of 373 hp (278 kW). The loader’s Auto Engine Idle Shutdown maximizes fuel efficiency by reducing engine idle time. Load sensing hydraulics enhance machine performance and efficiency by directing hydraulic fluid flow through the implement and steering only when needed.

Comfortable Operation

The loader’s completely redesigned cab improves operator comfort and productivity. Operators safely enter via left- or right-hand stairs built at a reduced 45-degree angle access and maintain three points of contact at all times. The STIC steer armrest easily folds up, allowing the operator to quickly enter the cab. Isolation cab mounts and an air-suspension seat reduce vibration transmitted to the operator for increased comfort, while the enclosed, pressurized and sound-suppressed structure reduces noise levels to the operator’s ear.

Ergonomic placement of switches and information display helps to advance comfortable, productive loader operation. The simple, intuitive control interface features touch-screen display to allow even less experienced operators to quickly learn machine operation. The large front and side windows plus standard rear vision camera offer excellent visibility of the working area to improve operating safety.

Integrated Technology Improves Efficiency

Integrated electronics on the new 986K loader provide flexible levels of information for both the operator and company. The loader comes ready with Cat Production Measurement (CPM), the most advanced payload weight measuring system on the market. Offering quick, on-the-go weighing of material in the bucket, CPM allows operators to manage target payload by minimizing under-loading and overloading, which reduce efficiency and increase fuel consumption.

Cat Product Link™ takes the guesswork out of loader management and maximizes uptime by offering remote monitoring through VisionLink® to stay informed of machine systems. With its easy-to-navigate user interface, VisionLink tracks machine utilization, fuel usage and payload summaries, and this technology grants key company personnel access to valuable reports, analysis and histograms to improve fleet management. Scheduled service event reminders and fault code alerts can also be sent to key service and management personnel to improve machine uptime availability.

Service Made Easy

Reducing downtime and long-term operating costs, the 986K wheel loader features extended service intervals for both fluids and filters. Grouped service points are quickly and safely accessed from ground level or a platform. Swing-out doors on both sides of the machine provide unobstructed access to the engine compartment for servicing components. Grease fittings for difficult-to-reach components are conveniently grouped to provide quick preventative lubrication, while the optional autolube automatically injects grease into linkage pin joints at regular intervals. The machine’s electrical service center, accessed from ground level, includes remote jump start, main and engine circuit breakers, emergency engine shutdown, stairway light switch, and battery disconnect.

The new 986K wheel loader is backed locally by the Cat dealer support network. Valued partners, Cat dealers provide preventative maintenance programs, guaranteed maintenance contracts, best-in-class parts availability, operator training and genuine Cat remanufactured parts.


986K Wheel Loader Product Specifications




Max Net Power (SAE J1349)

373 hp (278 kW)

Operating Weight – Standard Lift

98,806 lb (44 818 kg)

Rated Payload – Quarry Face

11 tons (10 tonnes)

Rated Payload – Aggregate (Standard Lift)

14 tons (12.7 tonnes)

Wheel Base

150 in (3 810 mm)

Bucket Capacities

6.5-13.5 yd3 (5-10.3 m3)

Dump Clearance – Standard

121 in (3 079 mm)

Dump Clearance – High Lift

139 in (3 538 mm)

Bucket Pin Height – Standard

189 in (4 912 mm)

Bucket Pin Height – High Lift

211 in (5 371 mm)

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