New Cat H80E/Es Hammer's Optimum Operating Weight and Hydraulic Versatility Reduce Fuel Use and Increase Carrier Utilization

For Worldwide Release: April 2016  
Release Number: 170PR16

The new Cat® H80E/Es hydraulic hammer, designed for the full range of Cat backhoe loaders and for 307 and 308 excavators, is available in both conventional (H80E) and silenced (H80Es) versions. The new hammer, which replaces the H75E/Es model, is completely designed and manufactured by Caterpillar, giving Caterpillar the distinction of being the only global manufacturer to build both hammer and carrier. The H80E/Es, fully supported by Cat dealers, delivers 1,356 J (1,000 ft-lb) of energy at 600 to 1,500 blows per minute.

The H80E/Es has a lighter operating weight, compared with the predecessor model, resulting in greater working stability and increased carrier fuel economy. In addition, the new hammer accepts a wider range of hydraulic-oil flow, allowing the H80E/Es to be used with a variety of carrier brands for optimum utilization in mixed fleets.”

The E-Series hammers range builds on proven D-Series features, including an automatic shut-off system that instantly stops hammer operation when the tool breaks through material. The system increases hammer reliability and durability by eliminating high internal stresses created by blank firing. Sound suppression is a standard feature for the H80Es, protecting the environment and enhancing operator comfort.

The H80E/Es hammer uses a gas-fired system that maintains constant power between service intervals. The E-Series housing, built for strength, has a curved profile, front and back, that eliminates stress points and transfers forces to the bottom of the hammer. The hammer is also sized and shaped to curl under a backhoe loader boom for easy transport without boom damage or interference with traffic.

Hammer settings are pre-programmed in Cat excavator tool-control systems, allowing oil flow and pressure to be fully adjustable, to facilitate set up. Actual working hours for the hammer can be recorded for routine maintenance scheduling. The H80E/Es is designed for easy serviceability and incorporates rebuild features that lower life-cycle costs.

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New Cat® H80Es Hammer features lighter operating weight and wider oil flow improving fuel consumption and maximising carrier utilization

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New Cat® H80Es Hammer features lighter operating weight and wider oil flow improving fuel consumption and maximising carrier utilization"?

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