New Cat® TL1055D and TL1255D Telehandlers Ease the Operator’s Job and Feature Reduced Emissions

For Release in North America, South America: February 2015
Release Number: 35PR15  

The new Cat® TL1055D and TL1255D Telehandlers build on the qualities of their C-Series predecessors with an engine that meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards, operator’s station enhancements, improved sight lines, and an expanded range of work tool attachments to increase the Telehandler versatility in jobsite applications. With respective rated lift capacities of 10,000 and 12,000 pounds (4 536 and 5 443 kg) and maximum lift heights of 55 feet (16.8 m), the TL1055D and TL1255D are designed with ample forward reach and three-mode steering to allow placing heavy loads on congested job sites with power and precision.

Both new Telehandlers use the Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine fitted with emissions control systems that are transparent to the machine operator, requiring no operator intervention and causing no disruption of work cycles. The machines feature a 4F/3R power-shift transmission and trunnion-mounted planetary axles that allow large steering angles for agile maneuvering and inboard wet-disc brakes for sure stops. A variable-displacement, load-sensing piston pump provides full hydraulic power at all engine speeds for precise load control.

The operator’s station for the new models—available with either an open or enclosed ROPS configuration—features a single electro-hydraulic joystick that allows three simultaneous boom functions, provides an integral transmission-disengage switch, and enables fully proportional control of auxiliary hydraulics. Three steering modes—two-wheel, four-wheel, and crab—are selected via a single switch and can be changed when the machine is moving.

A new dash design is easier to read and has provision for an available programmable display. For enhanced job-site safety, sight lines to the right-front and right-rear corners of the machine are improved. 

For added versatility, the TL1055D and TL1255D are fitted with a standard Integrated Tool Carrier quick coupler (hydraulic actuation is available) that allows using a range of work tools, including buckets (standard-, multi-purpose-, and grapple-type), carriage choices (fixed, rotating, and side-shift), lift hook, truss boom, and material-handling arm.

In addition to added efficiency and versatility, the new range will have the available option of Product Link™ Ready which will assist Cat dealers with the installation of the exclusive Cat telematics system that aids in modern day fleet management and maintenance activities.

Serviceability features include routine maintenance points accessible from ground level (daily maintenance entails only checking fluid levels) and extended intervals (500 hours) for engine-oil and filter changes. 

Machine Specifications

   TL1055D  TL1255D
Engine make/model  Cat C4.4 ACERT  Cat C4.4 ACERT
Rated power, hp (kW)              142 (106)  142 (106)
Operating weight, lb. (kg)*  31,879 (14460)  34,361(15586)
Lift cap., rated, lb. (kg)  10,000 (4 536)  12,000 (5 443)
Lift height, ft. (m)  54.8 (16.72)  54.5 (16.63)
Max. fwd. reach, ft. (m)  41 (12.22)   40.67 (12.4)
Aux. hyd. flow, gpm (L/min)  25.1 (95)  25.1 (95)
Aux. hyd. pressure, psi (bar)  3,770 (260)  3,770 (260)

* - Fitted with standard carriage, 48” forks


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