MH3295 Material Handler:

• Press release: 132PR16 - Cat® 815K Soil Compactor Designed for Optimum Compaction Performance, Low-Cost Operation and Multiple-Life Service

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Key Features & Benefits

Mobile Shears:

• Press release: 198PR16 - New Generation Cat® Mobile Shears for Large Excavators Speed Primary Demolition and Scrap Processing • Image

Medium Wheel Loader Update:

• Press release: 12PR16 - Cat® Medium Wheel Loaders Feature New Connect Technology, Additional Safety Features and Reduced Operating Costs

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• Press release: 371PR15 -  Caterpillar Forms Exclusive Marketing Agreement with Lefort for Portable and Stationary Shears and Balers

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• Spec sheets: B 15A S Spec Sheet, B 20A C Spec Sheet, B 20A S Spec Sheet, B 20A T Spec Sheet, B 23A S Spec Sheet, B 23A C Spec SheetB 330A S Spec SheetSB 330A S Spec SheetB 550A S Spec SheetSB 660A C Spec SheetSB 660A S Spec SheetSB 660A T Spec SheetSB 770A S spec sheetB 825A S Spec SheetSB 1000A C Spec Sheet, SB 1000A S Spec Sheet, SH 1100A S Spec Sheet, SH 1540A S Spec Sheet 

Cat Safety:

Brochures: AEXQ1524-02 RMA Onesheet.pdfAEXQ1442-02 OSMW brochure.pdfAEXQ1441-02 FRMS brochure.pdfAEXQ1522-04 DSS Brochure.pdfCat Detect for PersonnelAEXQ1523-01 FRA Onesheet.pdfAEXQ1521-01 CSB Onesheet.pdfAEXQ1443-01 MFD brochure.pdfCatSafetyServices - DSS-H.pdf

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