7.4m (9.7)yd General Duty

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Versatile buckets designed for moving topsoil, clay and other materials of lower density and lower abrasion.

Material Density 2949.6 lb/yd³ 1.8 t/m³ Less
Outer Width 91.0 in 2306.0 mm Less
Inner Width 77.0 in 1964.0 mm Less
Weight 14081.0 lb 6387.0 kg Less
Liner Package General Duty General Duty Less
Capacity 9.7 yd³ 7.4 m³ Less


General Duty buckets are designed for use in a variety of topsoils and clays with some amount of rock.

Sized for your machine

A full line of buckets is matched perfectly for the 6015B machine with buckets made for materials ranging from coal to heavy rock.

Hammerless GET

6015B buckets are fully supported by Cat with a variety of C70 hammerless GET options.

Fully rebuildable

Cat General Duty buckets have our General Duty wear package with replaceable external wear bars available as a kit or individually.