320D FM

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Engine Model Cat® C6.4 ACERT™ Cat® C6.4 ACERT™ Less
Net Flywheel Power 157.0 HP 117.0 kW Less
ISO 9249 147.0 HP 110.0 kW Less
J1349 147.0 HP 110.0 kW Less
EEC 80/1269 147.0 HP 110.0 kW Less
Bore 4.02 in 102.0 mm Less
Stroke 5.12 in 130.0 mm Less
Displacement 390.0 in³ 6.4 B Less


General Forestry - HIGH/LC 58278.0 lb 26430.0 kg Less

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 108.3 gal (US) 410.0 B Less
Fuel Tank - Optional Auxiliary Right Front 108.3 gal (US) 410.0 B Less
Maximum Fuel with All Optional Tanks 216.6 gal (US) 820.0 B Less
Cooling System 6.6 gal (US) 25.0 B Less
Engine Oil 7.9 gal (US) 30.0 B Less
Swing Drive 2.1 gal (US) 8.0 B Less
Hydraulic System - Including Tank 68.0 gal (US) 260.0 B Less
Hydraulic Tank 33.0 gal (US) 125.0 B Less
Final Drive - Each - H/LC 3.4 gal (US) 13.0 B Less


Brakes SAE J1026 APR90 SAE J1026 APR90 Less
Cab/FOGS/OPS/TOPS/FOPS SAE J1356 FEB88 ISO 10262/SAE J1084/ISO 8084/OR-OSHA 437-007-0775/WCB G602, G603, G604, G608 SAE J1356 FEB88 ISO 10262/SAE J1084/ISO 8084/OR-OSHA 437-007-0775/WCB G602, G603, G604, G608 Less

Hydraulic System

Main Implement System - Maximum Flow (2x) 54.2 gal/min 205.0 l/min Less
Maximum Pressure - Implements 5075.0 psi 35000.0 kPa Less
Maximum Pressure - Travel 5075.0 psi 35000.0 kPa Less
Maximum Pressure - Swing 3625.0 psi 25000.0 kPa Less
Pilot System - Maximum Flow 10.8 gal/min 41.0 l/min Less
Pilot System - Maximum Pressure 600.0 psi 4120.0 kPa Less
Boom Cylinder - Bore 4.7 in 120.0 mm Less
Boom Cylinder - Stroke 49.6 in 1260.0 mm Less
Stick Cylinder - Bore 5.5 in 140.0 mm Less
Stick Cylinder - Stroke 59.3 in 1500.0 mm Less

Excavator Linkage

Boom Cylinder - Bore 4.7 in 120.0 mm Less
Boom Cylinder - Stroke 49.6 in 1260.0 mm Less
Stick Cylinder - Bore 5.5 in 140.0 mm Less
Stick Cylinder - Stroke 59.05 in 1500.0 mm Less
B1 Family Bucket Cylinder - Bore 4.7 in 120.0 mm Less
B1 Family Bucket Cylinder - Stroke 43.3 in 1100.0 mm Less


Maximum Travel Speed 2.6 mile/h 4.3 km/h Less
Maximum Drawbar Pull 55700.0 lb 248.0 kN Less

Swing Mechanism

Swing Torque - General Forestry 45611.0 ft-lb 61.8 Less
Swing Speed - General Forestry 11.5 r/min 11.5 r/min Less

Forest Machines

Designed and built to meet diverse forest applications, the D series incorporates improved performance, rugged durability and maximum productivity.

Engine and Hydraulics

The Cat® C6.4 with ACERT™ Technology and the forestry designed hydraulics both perform with exceptional power, efficiency and controllability. Both are unequaled in the industry in all forestry applications.


Caterpillar design and manufacturing techniques assure outstanding durability and service life. Purposebuilt carbody design uses the most advanced manufacturing processes, ensuring durability and reliability in the most rugged forestry applications.

Operator Station

Spacious purpose built forestry cab with excellent sightlines to the work area with 8 lights and all scratch resistant polycarbonate windows. Certified FOPS to ISO 8084 and SAE 1084, certified OPS to ISO 8083 and SAE J231, certified FOGS to ISO 10262 and SAE J1356, certified TOPS to OR-OSHA code 437-007-0775 TOPS and WCB G602/G603/G604/G608 compliant.


A wide selection of Forest Machine configurations meet diverse forestry applications and improve your productivity.



Caterpillar factory cab guarding, shoe support guards and heavy-duty access doors, help extend component life, reduce downtime and help protect your investment.

Feller Buncher/ Harvester

Prepared to work with forestry tools, the 320D FM General Forestry can be equipped with the Feller Buncher and Harvesting heads. Optional attachments are available to improve your productivity:

  • Reversing Fan
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Extra Fuel Tank
All optional attachments come with heavy-duty undercarriage and cab making the 320D FM the best machine for your needs.


Simplified service and electronic diagnostics help to increase productivity and machine availability. The new forest machine cooling package provides easy access to all radiator cores for faster cleanouts. Regularly scheduled maintenance extends machine service life and lowers overall operating costs.

Complete Customer Support

A worldwide computer network that can help find in-stock parts and minimize your down time. Your Cat dealer also offers a wide range of services that to meet your equipment needs. The dealer will help choose the plan that can cover everything from machine and attachment selection to replacement.

320D FM Standard Equipment

  • 80 Ampere alternator
  • 4 Front working lights, cab top mounted
  • 2 Front working lights, riser mounted
  • 1 Left side working light, cab mounted
  • 1 Rear working light, cab mounted
  • Horn

Operator Environment
  • Purpose built forestry cab with 8 lights and all scratch resistant polycarbonate windows
  • Seat, four-way adjustable suspension seat with adjustable armrest, retractable seatbelt, headrest and lumbar support
  • Integrated seat, console and joystick type controls
  • Language display monitor with gauges
  • Warning information• Filter/fluid change information• working hour information• machine condition• error code and tool mode setting information• start up level check for hydraulic oil, engine oil and engine coolant
  • Full time clock on monitor (2 weeks)
  • Seat mounted joystick with extra functions for grapple
  • Fixed polycarbonate skylight with retractable sun shade
  • Interior lighting
  • Lower and upper windshield wipers and washer
  • Positive filtered ventilation, pressurized cab with bi-level air conditioner, heater and defroster with manual control
  • Forced air fan
  • 2 post mounted fresh air vents
  • Behind seat storage tray with tie down points
  • 2 CB radio mounts
  • 1 Fire extinguisher mount
  • 1 Attachment computer control mount
  • Secondary roof exit openable from inside and outside
  • 2 Coat hooks
  • Ashtray with lighter
  • Literature holder
  • Cup holder
  • Neutral lever for all controls
  • Travel control pedals with removable hand levers
  • Washable floor mat
  • Radio/CD player (12V)
  • 1 Converter/2 sockets - 12V-10A power supply

  • CAT C6.4 with ACERT™ Technologywith 24-volt electric starting and air intake heater
  • Automatic engine speed control with one touch low idle
  • Easy clean swing-out condenser
  • Easy clean swing out radiator
  • Muffler
  • Two speed auto-shift travel
  • Water separator in fuel line

  • Hydraulic track adjusters
  • Track type undercarriage with grease lubricated seals
  • Idler and full-length track shoe support

Other Standard Equipment
  • Heavy-duty upper frame with catwalks, bottom guards, heavy duty side doors
  • Core hydraulic lines and controls with standard main valves on upper structures
  • Door locks, cap locks and Caterpillar one key security system
  • Automatic swing parking brake
  • Travel alarm
  • Counterweight with lifting eye
  • Right front corner guard

320D FM General Forestry Arrangement also includes:
  • Forestry cab, hydraulic tilt 18" riser
  • High-LC undercarriage
  • Heavy-Duty recoil springs
  • Heavy-Duty track roller frame
  • Heavy-Duty travel motor covers
  • Heavy-Duty swivel guard
  • Forestry Heavy-Duty upper frame with catwalk
  • Heavy-Duty bottom guard
  • Heavy-Duty side doors
  • Right front corner guard
  • Travel alarm

320D FM Optional Equipment

Front Linkage for Harvester Configuration
  • Straight Boom 5.7 m (18 ft 8 in)
  • Reach Stick 2.9 m (9 ft 6 in)

Front Linkage for Feller Buncher Configuration
  • Mass Boom 5.2 m (17 ft 0 in)
  • Mass Stick 2.4 m (7 ft 10 in)
  • Linkage, Bucket CB2 Family

Hydraulic Package
  • Harvesting Head
  • Feller Buncher

Engine/Power Train
  • Auto Reverse Fan
  • Prefilter, air
  • Cold Weather Starting Aid
  • Extended Life Cooling with 50% concentration of protection - 34°C (-30°F)

Undercarriage (track Shoes)
  • 600 mm (24 in) HD Double Grouser shoes with trap holes
  • 700 mm (28 in) HD Double Grouser Shoes with trap holes
  • 700 mm (28 in) HD Triple Grouser Shoes with trap holes

  • Product Link (PL 321SR)
  • Maintenance lights for pump and battery compartments
  • Working HID lights for Boom

Other Optional Equipment
  • Auxiliary Pump Driver (for additional Hydraulic Pump)
  • Pump, Vacuum (Hydraulic)
  • Pump, Electric refueling
  • Rubber Guard for Boom Foot and front rubber guard
  • Right Front Fuel Tank (additional 409 L - 108 gal)
  • Heavy Counterweight (additional 1970 Kg - 4,344 lb)