Off-Highway Trucks 785G (Tier 4 Final / Stage V) A MINING INDUSTRY GAME-CHANGER

785G (Tier 4 Final / Stage V)

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Product Specifications for 785G (Tier 4 Final / Stage V)


Weights - Approximate




Body Hoists

Braking System

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Service Refill Capacities




Dimensions (All dimensions are approximate. MSD II Body, 33R51 tires, unloaded machine.)

785G (Tier 4 Final / Stage V) Standard Equipment


  • 33R51 power train with standard rims
  • Cat 3512E high displacement Tier 4 Final / Stage V engine and aftertreatment
    – Automatic engine and DEF thermal management
    – Automatic low voltage idle management
    – Air cleaner with precleaner (two)
    – Turbocharging (four) with air-to-air aftercooler
    – Mechanical Electronic Unit Injector (MEUI™-A) fuel system
    – Automatic starter protection
    – Automatic ether starting aid
  • Hydraulic braking system:
    – Automatic retarder control, adjustable
    – Oil-cooled, multi-disc (front and rear): Service, retarding, parking, secondary; Anti roll back strategy
    – Engine over speed protection
    – Park brake integrated with gear selector
    – Brake release motor (towing)
    – Extended life brake disc material
  • Transmission:
    – Six-speed, automatic power shift with Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC)
    – Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS)
    – Body-up reverse neutralizer
    – Body-up shift inhibitor
    – Downshift/reverse shift inhibitor
    – Directional shift management
    – Enhanced Traction Control System
    – Programmable top gear
    – Oil level sensor
    – Neutral coast inhibitor
    – Neutral start switch
    – Lock-up torque converter
    – Rear axle continuous lubrication/filtration


  • Jump start/battery charge receptacle
  • Ground accessible power control box
    – Ethernet VIMS™ port and VIMS™ lamp
    – Engine starter, transmission and battery lockouts
  • Brushless alternator, 225 amp
  • Alarm, backup
  • 24V electrical system, low maintenance batteries (2) 93 amp-hour
  • LED payload indicator lamps
  • LED lighting system:
    – Backup and hazard lights
    – Curb lights, (one) RH side, (one) LH side
    – Turn signals (front and rear)
    – Engine compartment lights
    – Headlights with low-high beam selector
    – Ladder light and service deck lights
    – Stop/tail lights


  • Unitized hydraulic powered HVAC with automatic temperature control
  • Four point seat belt for operator seat
  • Power windows
  • Heated mirrors, right and left
  • Heated and ventilated operator seat
  • Operator and trainer air suspension seats
  • Storage locations for operator gear
  • Provision for customer accessory mounting
  • Diagnostic connection port COM3 and Ethernet
  • Dome courtesy light and map lights
  • Fire suppression ready
  • Delayed Engine Shutdown
  • Integrated object detection system with touchscreen display
  • Interactive touchscreen vehicle information display
    – Day/night mode
    – Action alarm
    – Quad gauge display
  • Gauges and indicators panel:
    – Critical oil and coolant temperatures
    – Fuel and DEF level
    – Engine system, brake and transmission fault indicators
    – Speedometer, Tachometer
  • Entertainment radio ready:
    – Speakers
    – Antenna (AM/FM/WB/satellite radio)
    – Radio mounting provisions and 12V power supply
  • Retractable front visor
  • 12V auxiliary power connection
  • ROPS cab, insulated/sound suppressed
  • Hoist, body control (electric)
  • Stairway and walkway access, 600 mm (24 in)
  • Steering wheel, tiltable, telescopic
  • Windshield wiper, intermittent control
  • Self-filling to windshield washer fluid from AC condensate


  • Extended Life Coolant, –35° C (–30° F)


  • Product Link™ Elite


  • Turbine air starter with air tank, air horn and automatic lubrication system
  • Auxiliary “buddy” dumping quick connect
  • Auxiliary steering quick connect (towing)
  • Hydraulic Filters, 1,000 hours
  • Guards for rotating components
  • Fast fill fuel and DEF remote fill system
  • Secondary steering (automatic)
  • Tie off points
  • Tow hooks (front) and tow pin (rear)
  • Vital Information Management System (VIMS)
  • Auxiliary connection ‘user defined shutdown'
  • Sight glasses for hydraulic oils
  • S•O•S℠ ports

785G (Tier 4 Final / Stage V) Optional Equipment


  • Quick change rims
  • 36R51 larger tire power train arrangement
  • Prelube, engine
  • Rear axle cooler
  • Clutch control, variable speed cooling fan


  • MSD volume: 99 m³ (130 yd³)
  • 100 m³ (131 yd³)
  • Dual slope body: 78 m³ (102 yd³)
  • Body specific side wall and tail extensions
  • Customizable body liner packages
  • Body heat exhaust
  • Rock ejectors
  • Rear body lighting group: Directional signals, Stop/tail lights


  • Electronic Throttle Lock
  • Digital Payload Display
  • Auxiliary rear work lights, (one) RH side, (one) LH side
  • No air – electric starter with 93-amp hour batteries (four), electric horn and automatic lubrication system


  • Powered access stairway
  • Fuel heater, fuel water separator
  • Road Analysis Control (RAC)
  • Cold weather start (block heater)
  • Ground accessible fluid service center, hydraulic and coolant
  • Bumper towing – center pin kit
  • Communication Ar – Minestar™ radio
  • Miscellaneous:
    – Fire extinguisher, portable
    – Hub odometer, kilometers
    – Wheel chocks
    – Gauge, brake wear indicator
    – Five piece crankcase guards
    – Working at heights protection


  • Coolant, –50° C (–58° F)

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