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Product Specifications for 789D


Optional Engine

Weights - Approximate

Operating Specifications

Final Drives




Body Hoists

Weight Distributions - Approximate


Service Refill Capacities




789D Standard Equipment


  • Diesel engine/turbocharged/aftercooled:
    –Ground level engine shutdown
    –Ether starting aid (automatic
    – Aftercooler (separate circuit or air to air)
    – Elevated low idle control
    – Automatic starter protection
    – Multi-point all pressure sensing
  • Braking system:
    –Brake release motor (towing)
    – Oil-cooled, multi-disc (front and rear)
    – (service retarding, parking, secondary)
    – Automatic Retarder Control
    – Engine overspeed protection
    – Extended life brake disc material
  • Transmission:
    – 6-speed, automatic powershift with electronic control (TCC)
    – Controlled throttle shifting; Individual clutch modulation
    – Body-up shift inhibitor
    – Directional shift management
    – Downshift/reverse shift inhibitor
    – Oil level sensor
    – Neutral start switch/coast inhibitor
    – Body-up reverse neutralizer
    – Programmable top gear
    – Lock-up torque converter
    – Rear axle continuous lubrication/filtration


  • Alarm, backup
  • Alternator, 105 amp
  • Batteries, 12V (2), 93 amp-hour
  • Converter, 12V electrical
  • Electrical system, 24V, 15 amp
  • Lighting system:
    – Backup and hazard lights; Auxiliary work lights (2) rear, (1) RH side, (1) LH side; Directional signals (front and rear LED)
    – Engine compartment lights
    – External payload lights
    – Headlights with lo-hi beam selector
    – Ladder light and service deck lights
    – Left-hand ladder/service deck
    – Stop/tail lights (LED)
    – VIMS, blue light (LED)


    – Operator seat
    –Non-suspension trainer seat
    – Flip down front visor
    – Standard side of cab access
    – Heated and ventilated operator seat
    – Suspension trainer seat
    – Retractable front visor
    – Rear of cab access and standard side of cab access
    – Vacuum, cab clean-out
    – Operator Footrest
    – Heated and ventilated operator seat
    – Suspension trainer seat
    – Retractable front visor
    – Rear of cab access and standard side of cab access
    – Vacuum
    –cab clean-out
    –Operator Footrest
    – Deluxe Diffuser
  • Air conditioner
  • Auxiliary power connection/cigarette lighter
  • Diagnostic connection port
  • Dome courtesy light
  • Entertainment Radio Ready: 5 amp converter, Speakers, Antenna wiring
  • Gauges/indicators: Air cleaner service indicator; Quad gauge panel: Air pressure, Brake oil temperature, Engine coolant temperature, Fuel level
  • Electric hour meter
  • Electric engine control fault indicator
  • Engine idle shutdown
  • Mirrors, right and left
  • Speedometer
  • Tachometer
  • Transmission gear indicator
  • VIMS message center with universal gauge
  • VIMS keypad
  • Heater/defroster (11 070 kCal/43,930 BTU)
  • Horn
  • Hoist, body control (electric)
  • Integrated object detection system
  • ROPS cab, insulated/sound suppressed
  • Seatbelt, operator, 75 mm/3" wide
  • Seatbelt, trainer, two points
  • Stairway and walkway access, 600 mm (24 in)
  • Steering wheel, tilt, padded, telescopic
  • Window, operator, electric powered
  • Windshield wiper, intermittent control and washer


  • Extended Life Coolant to -35° C (-30° F)


  • Air line dryer
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Auxiliary “buddy” dumping quick connect
  • Auxiliary steering quick connect (towing)
  • Body mounting group
  • Center mounted rims (6) (29×57) (used for 37.00-R57 tires)
  • Driveline guard (fully enclosed)
  • Fast fill fuel system
  • Ground level VIMS data port
  • Ground level battery disconnect
  • Rock ejectors
  • Supplemental steering (automatic)
  • Tie off points
  • Tow hooks (front)
  • Tow pin (rear)
  • Traction Control System
  • Vital Information Management System

789D Optional Equipment


  • Dual slope body: Body, dual slope, 109 m3 (142 yd3)
  • Dual slope body attachments:
    – Extensions, 457 mm (18"), side, DS, 123 m3 (161 yd3)
    – Extension, wraparound tail, DS
    – Liner, entire body, DS
    – Liner, wraparound, DS, 450 BHN
    – Rock deflector, rear tire, DS
  • X body: Body, X, 123 m3 (161 yd3)
  • X body attachments: Extensions, side, X, 185 mm (7"), 131 m3 (171 yd3); Extensions, side, X, 385 mm (15"), 138 m3 (181 yd3)
  • MSD II body: Body, MSD II, 130 m3 (170 yd3)
  • MSD II body attachments:
    – Extensions, side, MSD II, 141 m3 (185 yd3)
    – Extensions, side, MSD II, 153 m3 (200 yd3)
  • Combination body: Body, combi, 153 m3 (200 yd3)
  • Combination body attachments: Extensions, side, combi, 195 m3 (255 yd3)
  • Gateless coal body: Body, gateless coal, 191 m3 (250 yd3)
  • Gateless coal body attachments: Extensions, side, coal, 214 m3 (280 yd3); Extensions, side, coal, 237 m3 (310 yd3)
  • Body lighting group - rear:
    – Directional signals (LED)
    – Stop/tail lights (LED)


  • Lockout transmission, ground level
  • Auxiliary work lights (1) RH side, (1) LH side


  • Prelube, engine
  • Oil renewal system


  • Rear axle, cooler


  • Information management: Control, road analysis (RAC)
  • Cold weather: Brake oil, recirculating; Cold weather start
  • Service center:
    – Service, 3516B, standard volume
    – Service, 3516B, large volume
    – Service, 3516C, standard volume
    – Service, 3516C, large volume
    – Service, engine oil, standard
  • Miscellaneous:
    – Fire extinguisher, portable
    – Hub odometer, kilometers
    – Wheel chocks
    – Gauge, brake wear indicator


  • Coolant, -50° C (-58° F)

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