Microgrid Cat PVC Photovoltaic Module Halfcut Black CAT PVC MP PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULE

Cat PVC Photovoltaic Module Halfcut Black

Features At A Glance

Higher Efficiency
Increase Energy Production
More durable / Reliable
25 year power output warranty
Tests and Certificates

Product Specifications for Cat PVC Photovoltaic Module Halfcut Black

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Technical Summary

Cat PVC Photovoltaic Module Halfcut Black Standard Equipment

Power assurance program for linear power output.

  • Produces more than 97.5% power in the first year and after 25 years 85.5%.

Durability Test Cycle (accelerated tests)

  • 2000 hrs damp heat testing is twice the standard testing hrs. required
  • 600 thermal cycling testing is three times the standard cycles required.
  • 192 hrs of PID (potential-induced degradation) at 85°C/85RH) is twice the standard testing hrs. required.
  • Mechanical Load testing for Dynamic + Thermal Cycle + Humidity Freeze result in much less cell breakage and power loss than static testing alone.
  • 60-100 kWh/m2 LID (light-induced- degradation) validates early hour performance.
  • LeTID (light and elevated temperature degradation) is a proprietary validation for long term PERC performance.
  • Validated for use in harsh environment by IEC testing for salt mist, amonia, dust and sand.

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