3512E Tier 4 Land Electric Drive Drilling Engine (Image shown may not reflect actual configuration)

3512E Tier 4

Product Specifications for 3512E Tier 4

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General Specifications



3512E Tier 4 Standard Equipment

Aftertreatment Mounting

  • 1 CEM shipped loose
  • Requires customer support structure & mounting

Air Inlet System

  • Aftercooler core, corrosion resistant
  • Air cleaner, regular duty, dual element, no pre-cleaner
  • Service indicators

Control System

  • Cat ADEM A5 ECU – LH

Cooling System

  • Outlet controlled thermostat and housing
  • Jacket water pump, gear driven
  • Aftercooler fresh water cooling pump (SCAC), gear driven centrifugal
  • Remote radiator cooling - single water outlet
  • 141.5 mm I.D. (5.6 in), hose type connection

Exhaust System

  • Exhaust manifolds, dry
  • Dual turbochargers with w/c bearings
  • Exhaust dual turbine outlet
  • All engines shipped with flex pipe kit

Flywheels & Flywheel Housing

  • Flywheel & Flywheel housing, SAE No. 00
  • SAE Standard rotation

Fuel System

  • Low pressure fuel transfer pump
  • High pressure common rail fuel system
  • Electronically controlled unit injectors with individual fuel accumulators
  • Electric fuel priming pump with fuel/water separator
  • High pressure fuel pump with fuel control valve
  • Boosted primary fuel filters with fuel/water separator, shipped loose


  • EMCP 4.4, shipped loose
  • Product Link™ engine monitoring

Lube System

  • Crankcase breather
  • Oil cooler
  • Oil pan drain valve – 2" NPT female connection
  • Shallow oil pan
  • Spin on oil filter - RH
  • Shipped dry

Mounting System

  • Rails, mounting, floor type, 254 mm (10 in)
  • Power Take-Offs
  • Accessory drive
  • Lower LH front (available for PTO usage)
  • Front housing, two-sided

Protection System

  • ADEM A5 ECM system to provide customer programmable engine deration strategies to protect against adverse operating conditions. Includes single slide gate air inlet shutoff, activated on overspeed or emergency stop

Starting System

  • Prelube integrated starting system: - Air starting motor, RH, 620-1034 kPa (90-150 psi), LH - Integrated air silencer - Air prelube motor, RH


  • Paint - Cat yellow
  • Vibration damper and guard
  • Lifting eyes

3512E Tier 4 Optional Equipment

Air Inlet System

  • Heavy-duty air cleaners (dual element with precleaners)

Charging System

  • 80 amp charging alternator

Cooling System

  • Caterpillar supplied radiator, 46/CVS-stacked, includes blower fan, fan drive, pulley, belt guard, regulator, fuel cooler
  • Single water outlet connection (for use with customer supplied radiator)
  • Coolant level sensor
  • Coolant conditioner

Exhaust System

  • Flex pipe kit
  • Residential mufflers (painted steel and stainless steel) with outlet elbow and rain cap


  • Product Link

Lube System

  • Closed crankcase ventilation
  • Centrifugal oil filter
  • Oil level regulator

Protection System

  • Explosion relief valve
  • Metal particle detector


  • Coupling hub
  • Barring group
  • Jacket water heater 240-480 V
  • Direct Rack 0-200 ma

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