Cat Detect with Machine Security System

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Cat® Machine Security System (MSS) is a theft-deterrent system that discourages unwanted operation of equipment by utilizing a unique electronic key or a pass code to start the machine. Traditional Cat keys will not start the machine when Cat Machine Security System is enabled.

The electronic key works by storing a unique identification number that is read by the machine's electronic control module (ECM). The ECM validates the user ID and corresponding key are approved for use and then enables normal machine operation. If the user ID is not recognized by the ECM then the system disables all critical machine functions.

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Keep Your Machines Secure

  • A system to manage access to your machines
  • Machine will start only when a unique MSS Key is inserted into the ignition
  • Deters theft and vandalism by preventing unauthorized personnel from starting a machine
  • Can be used with Operator Management System to identify the current operator based on electronic key

Caterpillar Designed and Integrated

  • Caterpillar designed and integrated into the machine's electronic system
  • Designed for Cat machines with Caterpillar reliability and durability
  • Backed by the worldwide Cat Dealer support network