Cat Grade with Depth & Slope

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Cat® Grade with Depth and Slope integrates traditional machine control and guidance with machine hardware and software from the factory in order to improve productivity, usability, reliability, job site safety and machine value. It is another example of Caterpillar innovation and technology leading the way for our customers to be more successful. Cat Grade with Depth and Slope is a Cat Grade technology that provides the operator depth and slope guidance – like having a grade checker in the cab.

The 2D indicate-only system for excavators provides the operator with precise real-time bucket positioning relative to the desired grade. Using a combination of position sensing hydraulic cylinders and sensors on the stick and boom pins, the system calculates bucket tip position relative to a grade/survey stake or benchmark. When used with the included laser receiver, the machine can reference a benchmark and travel while maintaining the elevation reference, even on uneven terrain. The laser receiver references the laser from a transmitter on the job site and calculates the desired grade for elevation changes, significantly increasing productivity. The factory integrated system uses the existing machine display, reducing the need for an additional display. Sensors are deeply integrated and protected from damage in rugged applications. Cat Grade with Depth and Slope is ideal for maintaining accurate grades and slopes in excavations and trenching applications.

Application Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Utilities, Underground Work, Taxiway/Runway Construction, Dam Construction, Residential Development Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Utilities, Underground Work, Taxiway/Runway Construction, Dam Construction, Residential Development Less
Machine Compatibility Hydraulic Excavators Hydraulic Excavators Less

Built-in reliability

  • Integrated components are protected from damage; ensures long life, reliable control, and accurate results.

Easy operation

  • Data integrated into machine display to simplify viewing and navigation; joystick buttons allow quick adjustments while keeping hands on the controls.

Optimized performance

  • Machine and grade technologies work as a system; on-board processors and fast response sensors deliver precise real-time bucket tip position guidance.

No guesswork

  • Work confidently, without guesswork; in-cab display indicates bucket position and depth- to grade; Light bars provide visual guidance; height and depth alerts indicate grade or obstacles.
  • Work efficiently, every pass; cut and fill to exact specification without overcutting; reduce passes and speed time to completion. Save time, labor, fuel and material consumption.
  • Minimize site costs, work safely; check grade from the cab; eliminate checkers; minimize ground crews, staking, activity, and delays