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We invested over 2 years researching how teams perceive and interpret safety leadership. We drew upon the expertise of the world's leading safety consultants, analyzed over 20 years of data on safety perception, and reviewed over 150 existing research papers and publications on safety leadership.

The result identified 4 domains of safety leadership: Accountability, Connectedness, Credible Consciousness and Trust, each of which affects the safety performance -- and employee perceptions about what's expected of them -- in a specific way. 

This paper, Critical Insights For Inspirational Safety Leadership, is essential reading for anyone with a responsibility for safety in their organization. You'll understand the methodology and process that identified the 4 domains, how they affect safety in their own way, and each of the 14 elements that contribute to the domains. 

It also explains how we've developed a tool, the Safety Leadership Assessment, the only statistically validated tool of its kind. It reveals your organization's current safety leadership performance in each of the 4 domains of safety, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and provides individual development plans to improve safety leadership performance.



White Paper Cover
White Paper Cover

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