Cat® Asset Intelligence Helps Optimize Operations and Reduce Idle Time and Cost


What Happened?
Using advanced analytics that qualifies raw data into actionable information, the Cat Asset Intelligence technology platform was able to identify extended operating periods where both propulsion diesel engines were idling while the vessel was moored at the pier. On a weekly basis, there were often 3-5 periods of 6+ continuous hours of idling while moored at the pier. The MAI Fleet Advisor was able to call the customer’s attention to this issue and work with them to address it.

What Was the Underlying Cause?
The automated analytics revealed that both engines maintained idle speed for extended periods of time, often of 6-8+ hours. When combined with vessel speed and location idle periods alongside the pier were determined. After discussing with the customer’s technical team, a custom report was configured within the Cat Asset Intelligence technology platform to alert the customer of any period greater than three continuous hours where the propulsion engines were idling and the vessel was moored stationary along the pier. This report was then used by the customer’s operations and technical teams to provide transparency into actual operations and identify opportunities to reduce idle time and the associated fuel consumption and engine run hours (with its associated accelerated maintenance).

What Was the Value to the Customer?
By just eliminating one 8 hour idle period per week (of the 3-5 that were observed weekly), the customer saved $15,000 in reduced fuel consumption as well as reduced the engine hours by 400 per year, which would extend the time between overhauls and the useful life of the engine. This also reduced the customer’s emissions.

Marine Customer Stories

Marine Customer Stories

Cat® Connect for Marine

Cat® Connect for Marine Asset Intelligence Helps Reduce Idle Time

Caterpillar Marine provides it’s customers Cat® Connect services with multiple levels of monitoring capabilities from telematics to automated analytics and expert advisory services.

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