oil & gas cat connect customer stories

Oil & Gas Cat® Connect Customer Stories

Read about how Cat® Connect has helped other Oil & Gas customers.


Control Costs


Valve Misfire Detected and Corrected Without Expensive Repair

Unmanned gas compression station valve adjustment on a G3608 engine results in avoidance of unnecessary parts replacement, lost revenue and unscheduled downtime.

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Engine Losing Power

The site had a 2370 HP, 1000 rpm engine with a two stage reciprocating gas compressor. The engine control system was performing as it was designed, yet the engine was losing power; however, the operations personnel were not fully aware of the system’s capabilities.

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Improve Performance

"Not Ready to Run" Diagnosed and Resolved

Cat® Fleet Advisor utilizes remote monitoring technology to identify problem and diagnose the cause, preventing future failures.

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Fleet Advisor Detects Improper Maintenance Procedures

Data indicates engine bank misfiring following scheduled maintenance.

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Gas Compression Production Gain

The site had a 1500 HP, 1200 rpm engine with a three stage reciprocating gas compressor. The operations engineer was doing his weekly review of gas compression flow rates by using the Curves screen in Productivity Optimizer.

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Productivity Optimizer Software in Action

The Productivity Optimizer flagged an unmanned 400 HP recip, operating in northeast British Columbia, Canada.

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Reduce Risk

Early Detection of Injector Problem Prevents Unscheduled Downtime

Cat® Fleet Advisor notices 3516C engine on an offshore oil rig has low cylinder exhaust port temperatures in cylinder 11 due to faulty injector, saving customer from costly repairs and downtime.

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Injector Failures Eliminated

Tracking of key data in offshore application discovers low-quality fuel was plugging fuel filters and causing injectors to fail prematurely.

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Cooling Issue Detected and Resolved Before Failure

Cat® Fleet Advisor detects overheating of gas compressor package, preventing accelerated engine wear and unplanned downtime.

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Customer Alerts Prevents Major Failure

Text alerts to drilling customer's mobile device allows him to diagnose and fix problems remotely, preventing costly failures.

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On-the-go Monitoring

While waiting at an airport, a Cat® Fleet Advisor was monitoring a G3608 engine on his mobile device allowing him to discover, diagnose and recommend a solution to the operator, averting a costly failure - all while waiting for his next flight.

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Cat® Fleet Advisor Predicts Preventable Failure of Third-Party Component

Fleet Advisor repair advice to customer was not followed, resulting in compressor valve failure and costly repair and downtime.

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Cylinder Head Exhaust Failure

The right bank, cylinder #4 pyrometer temperature exceeded the maximum allowable high temp deviation setting. Productivity Optimizer showed a red flag in Unit Review and a notation in the Bad Actor Report ensured that it received attention.

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