Financial Solutions

Cat Financial offers you a variety of financial solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.

Cat Equipment Financing

Installment Sale Contract Provides immediate ownership with payments over time (often includes trade-in or down payment).

Finance Leases provide optional ownership of equipment through a lease. A Flex Lease provides multiple options to return or purchase equipment at stated intervals or “outs.”

A Tax Lease–Cat Value Option provides the option to purchase equipment at a predetermined fair market value price while a Window Lease provides the option to buy equipment at an early purchase option price and date before lease termination.

A Tax Lease–Long-Term Rental provides the lowest possible payments for those who plan to return equipment at lease-end.

Governmental Financing provides special interest rates and tax-exempt options for states, counties and municipalities.

TRAC Leases provide flexibility through offering higher end-of-term purchase amounts with lower monthly payments for the Cat Vocational Truck.

Direct Lending

Term Loans provide immediate ownership with payments over time (often includes trade-in or down payment).

A Revolving Line of Credit use the equity in your equipment fleet to enhance your working capital, bonding capacity and provide funds for other business needs.

Debt Consolidation/Refinancing lowers your monthly payments by lengthening terms, consolidating loans and restructuring payments. This may include a Working Capital Loan to fund the day-to-day operations.

Rental, Parts or Service Financing

A Commercial Account is a fast and convenient way to pay for parts and service purchases and machine rentals at Cat dealerships in the U.S. and Canada.

Insurance Solutions

Physical Damage Insurance covers damage to equipment from collision, fire, overturn and more. Extended Protection protects machines and engines from unexpected repair costs.