Cat® Inspect Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cat® Inspect?

The Cat® Inspect app turns your mobile device into a smart machine inspection tool eliminating the need for paper inspections. Download both Caterpillar and user-defined inspections to rate asset condition, take photos and videos, add comment and share results.   



  • Access to Cat Global inspections forms like Preventative Maintenance and Daily Walk Arounds 
  • Create custom check lists and inspection forms 
  • Photo and Video documentation 
  • Comment field for capturing notes and additional asset information 
  • Red, Yellow, Green ratings allow for quick identification of actionable items 
  • Help screens available within the inspection for applicable information 


  • Optimized for mixed fleet owners:  Secure inspection results for Cat and non-Cat assets in one place 
  • Digital inspections provide real-time information for review and retention 
  • Highly Integrated with other Cat systems like My.Cat.Com and VisionLink®  
  • Inspection data made available for analysis through our API (Application Programming Interface) 
  • Simplifies the inspection process, increasing production and data accuracy 
  • Regular inspections increase job site safety, minimized downtime and lowers owner and operating costs. 

Where do I find Cat® Inspect?   

Go to your mobile device’s App Store (iTunes or Google Play) and search “Cat Inspect”. 

How much does Cat® Inspect cost?

There is no cost to download and use the Cat Inspect mobile app or to access the Cat Inspect Web platform.  (https://catinspectweb.cat.com).  

What devices are supported by Cat® Inspect?

Cat Inspect supports devices with iOS version 12 and newer, and Android version 5.2 and newer.   

How do I get access to Cat® Inspect? 

Access requires a Caterpillar Web Security (CWS) account.  To create an account download Cat® Inspect and select create account or visit https://my.cat.com and click sign up.  Once the request has been submitted your Cat dealer will be notified to complete the registration process.  Contact your local Dealer for assistance with your account setup. 

How will updates be shared and communicated to users?

You will be notified when updates to the application are available via push notifications. Related information (major updates, training, and release notes) also may be shared through notifications or on https://dealer.cat.com/catinspect.  

Who do I contact for technical support?

Contact the dedicated Cat Inspect support team at catdigitalsupport@cat.com, or by calling toll-free (866) 228-2111.  User can also submit support requests using the Support page under the main menu of the mobile app.  Users can also longpress on an inspection for the mobile app to submit a support request.  This process captures details about the device and inspection to assist the support team. 

Who do I contact, or where do I go, to obtain additional information or answers? 

For more information regarding this application, including training and documentation, please visit https://dealer.cat.com/catinspect.  

How do I onboard a new customer user?   

New accounts can be created through the Cat Inspect app or by accessing www.My.Cat.com.  Users with a validated CWS (associated to a UCID) will automatically have access to Cat Inspect app as well as the website. Dealer/Customer association is managed by CWS affiliation. Customers with an eCommerce CWS account (such as Parts.Cat.Com, My.Cat.Com, etc.) that is associated to a UCID will have access to the systems. If the eCommerce CWS is not associated to a UCID, access to the Cat Inspect app and website will be declined. 

Will Caterpillar help me create custom inspection forms?   

Yes, our dedicated Cat Inspect Support team offers a form building service.  For more information please contact Cat Digital Support at catdigitalsupport@cat.com, or by calling toll-free (866) 228-2111.   

Is Cat® Inspect available in multiple languages?

Yes. The mobile app fields will be in the default language of the mobile device if it is one of the following languages:  Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish.  The website is available in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Hindi, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.   


What are the primary functions of the Cat® inspect web?   

Many features are available on Cat Inspect web including; Manage user access, creating and managing inspection forms, viewing inspection results, downloading inspection data., creating notification groups, and assigning inspections.   

How Can I create a QR code?

Access to the QR Code Generator is accessible via https://catinspectweb.cat.com or  www.my.cat.com.  Anyone with access to Cat Inspect Web can create a QR Code. For more information on the QR Code Generator please visit https://dealer.cat.com/catinspect and look for Cat Inspect QR Code Release Training. 

How do I utilize the QR code functionality of Cat® Inspect? 

Users can quickly launch an inspection by first tapping the QR code icon on the “Fleet” page and scanning the QR code attached to the machine.  The app will then load the “Asset” page of the machine where you can initiate an inspection.  All data contained within the QR code will be auto populated under the asset information section of the inspection.  The QR code icon is also available on the “Customer & Asset Info” page once you’ve chosen an inspection template.  Scanning the QR code from this page will auto populate the data contained within the QR code.   

What inspections and checklists are available?

The list of Caterpillar defined forms is continually growing and includes forms like; Preventive Maintenance Checklists (PM), Technical Analysis Inspections or TA1 (Detailed Visual Inspection), and Daily Inspections (Walk-Around Inspection).   

Will additional checklists and forms be added?

Yes, new Caterpillar defined forms are always being added to the system forms.   

Can I create my own custom inspection forms?   

Your organization can also create your own custom forms through Cat Inspect Web at https://catinspectweb.cat.com.      

Can I edit or change an existing form?

Yes.  Forms can be edited from the “Manage Forms” page on Cat Inspect web. 

Can I reassign an inspection to other users at my organization?

Yes. You can reassign partially completed or not started inspections within the app at the push of a button.  Additionally, your organization’s Cat Inspect administrator can reassign an inspection from Cat Inspect web. 

Can I use the app if I don’t have an internet (Wi-Fi, 4G/5G) connection?

You only need a connection to download or upload your inspections. Once you have saved inspection forms to the app, you do not need to be connected to perform the inspections. A Wi-Fi or 4G/5G data connection is required to sync your information, depending on the type of device you have. 

What happens if I get a phone call as I download or upload my inspections?

Cat Inspect has auto-save and real-time synching so you can shut down the app and reopen it at any time to continue where you left off.  

How can I share a completed inspection with others? 

There are many ways to share an inspection report; (1) Multiple email addresses can be added during the inspection process under “Customer & Asset Info” section.  Once the inspection is synced an email notification including a link to the inspection report will be sent to those email addresses.  (2) Users can add default email addresses using the main menu of the app under settings – default email.  Any inspection that is completed on that device will generate an email notification to that default address. (3) Completed inspection reports can be download from Cat Inspect web and then emailed.  (4)  Completed inspection reports can be forwarded from the mobile app and Cat Inspect web. 

Does Cat Inspect have a form-level notification feature? 

Yes.  Users can create notification groups from Cat Inspect web and then associate a group/s to a specific inspection form.  When that form is used to complete an inspection, a notification will go out to everyone associated to that group. 

Can I print a copy of the completed inspection and/or checklist? 

Yes. From Cat Inspect Web or the mobile app, an email can be created upon completion of the inspection. This email generates a PDF of the completed inspection which can be printed.  

Will my dealership use the information from my inspections?

Your dealership may use the data from your completed inspections to help make better recommendations on your equipment. 

Will Cat® Inspect be a source for locations, service meter units, and customer and equipment information? 

Yes, the header of each inspection will have these fields as well as additional information that can be populated and made available after sync.  

Who manages levels of access for Cat® Inspect?   

The Cat Inspect Administrator within your organization manages the access level for all users.   

How do I request Author or Administrator access in Cat® Inspect?

Contact your Administrator to request elevated access or submit a request through our support team at catdigitalsupport@cat.com, or by calling toll-free (866) 2282111. 

Do I need special access in order to create my own custom forms?

Yes.  In order to create forms, you will need to have Administrator or Author level access. 

What are the different levels of access within Cat® Inspect?   

(1) Administrator; Ability to manage access levels for Cat Inspect Web users, re-open cancelled inspections, re-assign in process inspections, force complete an in-process inspection plus perform all activities within Cat Inspect Web and mobile app. (2) Author; Ability to create and manage forms, assign inspections, view completed inspections, use advanced search as well as create QR Codes. Author can also use all features in the mobile app as well as complete online inspections. (3)  Inspector; Ability to assign inspections, view completed inspections, edit completed inspections, use advanced search as well as create QR Codes. Inspector can also use all features in the mobile app as well as complete online inspections. 

Can I view completed and synced inspections on my mobile device? 

Yes. Inspection reports can be accessed and viewed on the “Reports” tab in the app.  These reports can also be forwarded via email. 

How many photos can I take per question?  

There is no limit to the number of photos that can be added to each question, however, a few good quality photos for each question is recommended.  There are two photos options in the app (1) Rapid Photo and (2) Mode.  Rapid photo allows you to take up to 10 pictures at time without leaving the camera feature.  HD mode utilizes your device’s native camera and takes only 1 picture at time with better resolution. 

Can I record videos within Cat® inspect?   

Yes.  Users can record 1 video per question with a default of 15 seconds.  The default can be changed to 30 seconds on the settings page of the main menu. 

Can I attach supporting files to an inspection report?

Yes.  Once the inspection is completed on the mobile app, attachments can be added using the “edit” feature on Cat Inspect web.  Up to 5 supporting documents can be attached to an inspection report.  Supported file types include:  xls, xlsx, csv, pdf, txt, xml and json. 


Does Cat® Inspect offer an API (Application Program Interface) for integrating inspection data with our business systems?   

Yes.  For information and access to your inspection data via the API, please contact our support team at catdigitalsupport@cat.com, or by calling toll-free (866) 228-2111.

Are other app users able to see my data?

Only you and others within your company, as well as your dealer, will see the inspections you complete within the app. Completed inspections can also be shared by email if configured this way in the app.   

Will the completed inspections be displayed in other platforms? 

Yes.  Most inspection results flow into integrated applications like VisionLink and My.Cat.Com. 

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