fluid analysis for mixed fleets

Fluid Analysis for Mixed Fleets

Mixed fleet? No problem. We offer fluid analysis for all types of products, whether they’re made by Caterpillar or another OEM, for applications ranging from agriculture and aviation, to landscaping and landfill, to mining, marine and more. In fact, about 25% of all our fluid samples come from other brands.

Why Cat® S·O·SSM Services?
Although other OEMs offer fluid analysis, they often outsource it to a third party. When you choose Cat® S·O·SSM Services, you know you’re getting reliable, quality fluid testing performed in Caterpillar or dealer labs. And you get the results fast, so you can take action to prevent failures before they occur.

More Than Machines
Did you know you can keep your non-commercial equipment and even your personal vehicles healthy with Cat® S·O·SSM Services, too? We offer fluid analysis for automotive, racing and recreational vehicles, as well as lawn and garden equipment, yachts and pleasure crafts.

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Benefits of Fluid Analysis

Discover three ways it pays to be proactive with routine fluid sampling.

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How to Take a Sample & Read Results

Learn how to properly take a fluid sample and read results.

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