Cat® Cutting Edge systems: choices for every job

Move more material longer, with less downtime and at a lower cost per hour, with Cat® cutting edges for your dozers. From everyday applications to your most demanding, abrasive jobs, we have options to match your needs and deliver the results you want — along with advice and support to help you get the most from your cutting edges.

Precision cutting edges

Protect your blade investment with Cat precision cutting edges for D3-D5 dozers. They feature 20% more wear material (40% more on extended wear life edges) than our previous edges to lower your cost per hour. And they’re the only edges with wear indicators rolled right into the edge material, so you always know when to flip your cutting edges to avoid costly blade repairs.

Performance cutting edges

Slice through the toughest materials with precision blade control with Cat performance cutting edges for D6-D8 dozers. Designed for your most demanding applications, they penetrate easier and load faster, resulting in up to a 35% increase in payload mass and 17% greater productivity than standard production cutting edges.

High abrasion cutting edges

Maximize machine uptime and productivity in your most abrasive applications with the Cat High Abrasion Cast Cutting-Edge System for D10-D11 dozers. High abrasion end bits paired with cast high abrasion cutting edges deliver up to 40% longer wear life than extended wear life edges.

Installation tips

Whichever Cat cutting-edge system you choose, follow these tips for the best performance:

  • Use new bolts and nuts when installing new end bits and cutting edges to prevent metal fatigue
  • Keep surfaces free of dirt, paint, scale, rust and weld splatter
  • Ensure mating surfaces are clean and flat for maximum clamping force
  • Clean bolt and nut threads (do not apply lubricant to hardware — it may over-stretch the bolt)
  • Install cutting-edge bolts from the center outward or from one end to the other
  • Install end-bit bolts first from the center outward, then from the center inward
  • Tighten all bolts to the required torque
  • Seat bolt heads in the countersinks with a heavy hammer
  • Tighten the bolts again to the required torque

Selection, parts and service support

Not sure which cutting-edge system is right for your dozer or application? Turn to the experts at your Cat dealer for assistance making the right choice to maximize your equipment investment. They can also help by:

  • Identifying signs of premature wear and recommending corrective action
  • Suggesting operating techniques to reduce wear
  • Offering other blade protection products like weld-on half arrows, pin-on side-bar protectors and wear plates
  • Explaining how other manufacturers’ components could damage moldboards
  • Determining the best combination of components for your application to give you the lowest cost per hour
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