Equipment management helps you work efficiently.

When your job is to improve operations you better know exactly where your machines are and when they're due for maintenance, so you can make well informed operational decisions. With Cat® EM Services you’ll not only be able to track machine location, availability and idle time (so you’ll be able to optimize operations quickly), you’ll also have real-time utilization and diagnostic data to help you decide where to allocate equipment to be most useful, or show you when it pays to rent rather than own equipment. So if you find yourself asking, “What can we do to improve operations today? It’s time to speak with your Cat dealer to learn more about EM Services – technology based equipment management solutions that will help you control costs and improve operations.

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How do I reduce the costs of running my equipment? Control Costs
How do I help my guys do their jobs more efficiently? Manage People
How do I work around everyday uncertainties? Reduce Risk

Cat® customer Dana Armstrong describes how Cat Product Link helps him see what his equipment is doing hour by hour to improve his landfill operations.

5 Ways Equipment Data Can Help Improve Your Operations | Caterpillar

improve Your Operations

Heavy equipment is the muscle of your construction business. Using machine data to manage your fleet will help to keep your operations in shape and make your business more competitive.

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How You Can Use Equipment Management to Improve Margins

The cyclical nature of the construction industry makes maintaining margins a constant challenge. One way to combat the many pressures facing your business is through effective equipment management. It can do a lot to reduce costs, boost efficiency and substantially improve your bottom line.

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Site Conditions Can Dramatically Affect Component Life | Caterpillar

When is the best time to rebuild a major component, undercarriage, transmission or engine? Too soon and you're wasting some of the value of your existing components. Too late and you risk a major machine failure, disrupted schedules, lost production and higher repair costs. The right answer depends on a lot of things, including the conditions of your site.

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