3 New Ways to Manage Your Operators

1. Track Operator Fuel Efficiency

Comparing the fuel used by different operators running the same machine can tell you a lot about how each operator works. Fuel-efficient operation is safer because it’s more precisely controlled. Smooth, efficient operation also increases equipment life by reducing transmission and engine wear.

2. Reward Good Performance

Focus on rewarding operator improvement based on equipment data, rather than punishing poor performance. That will help your operators avoid feeling like “Big Brother” is always watching for mistakes.

3. Encourage Operators to be Alert for Alerts

In-cab alerts let operators know when something is wrong with their machines. Make sure they know what those alerts mean and when they should shut down immediately to avoid major equipment damage.

4. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

The more your operators feel like they’re involved and valued, the more motivated they’ll be to do a good job. Be sure explain what you’re doing with the data from their machines and why you’re using it. And be sure to listen, too. Your operators may have good ideas about how you can improve day-to-day operations.

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