Equipment management helps you worry less.

Reported losses from equipment and tool thefts are over $1 billion annually. Theft is just one of the risks that equipment management technology helps you avoid. It also mitigates risk by helping you maintain maximum fleet availability, replace machines at the optimum time and comply with regulations.

EM Services can help you reduce risk by making sure equipment management gets done on time and gets done right. Your Cat® dealer can customize service packages to provide the best value to your business. When you reduce equipment risks you'll have fewer uncertainties to deal with ... and more time to devote to meeting your business objectives.

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How do I reduce the costs of running my equipment? Control Costs
What can I do to get more done each day? Improve Operations
How do I help my guys do their jobs more efficiently? Manage People

Adrian Clement, technology manager at Cat dealer Westrac in Western Australia, describes how using electronic equipment data in a condition monitoring program helps Cat customers understand and reduce the risks of running machines in challenging construction applications.

4 Risks You Can Mitigate with Good Equipment Management | Caterpillar

Reduce Equipment Risk

Construction is a risky business. Effectively managing your equipment is one way to lessen the impact of some of those day-to-day risks.

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How You Can Use Equipment Managment to Improve Margins

The cyclical nature of the construction industry makes maintaining margins a constant challenge. One way to combat the many pressures facing your business is through effective equipment management. It can do a lot to reduce costs, boost efficiency and substantially improve your bottom line.

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Keep It Safe: How To Prevent Or Recover Stolen Equipment | Caterpillar

Here are five things you can do to prevent or recover stolen equipment using common sense, a little elbow grease and the electronic data generated by today's equipment management technologies.

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