6 Ways Using Cat Connect Can Help Improve Your Performance

6 Ways Using Cat Connect Can Help Improve Your Performance

Power is the lifeblood of your business. Using equipment data to manage your fleet will help to keep your system performance in shape and make your power production more efficient and reliable.

1. Monitor Generator Set Load

Use equipment data to ensure individual units are properly loaded and you have the optimum number of units online to meet your power requirements.

2. Proper Fleet Utilization

Monitor run hours and fuel consumption to keep utilization across your fleet consistent as well as manage maintenance and overhaul intervals.

3. Get the Big Picture

Bring all your fleet data together in one place. Getting a big-picture fleet overview can help you identify duplicated efforts and inefficient maintenance practices, improve processes and identify technician development needs.

4. Plan Service to Avoid Surprises

Use inspections, equipment performance data, fluid sampling and electronic alerts to catch problems early. Scheduling repairs early helps avoid breakdowns and performance issues like excess oil consumption or inability to operate at rated load.

5. Improve Operator Training

Train your operators to pay attention to equipment alerts. Quick action can help keep your equipment from experiencing extended downtime.

6. Ready to Run

Use electronic alerts to ensure that your asset will start and perform when required.