Cat® Connect for Electric Power - Inform

Cat® Connect for Electric Power - Inform

Turn Your Data into Uptime, Cost Savings, and Revenue

The Inform level of service gives you the data you need to identify and resolve problems quickly, so you’ll reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and lower the cost of maintenance and repair. This level of service lets you capture critical data, view it in easy-to-digest bites, create alerts and use it to improve profitability.

Benefits Include:

  • Remotely access information from a single unit or an entire fleet.
  • Know more about asset health and performance with the easy-to-use web interface that transforms data into insights.
  • Make more informed decisions with accurate information available at your fingertips.
  • Reduce repair time and costs with remote troubleshooting, using historical data about Events and Diagnostics.
  • Leverage your dealer’s expertise to get higher performance and longer life at a lower total cost from your connected assets.

Basic Features

Status Updates

  • Basic engine and electrical parameters reported
  • Visualization of asset’s historical performance (parameters depend on application)
  • Events and Diagnostics to support remote troubleshooting

Operating History

  • Running hours – when unit starts and stops
  • Fuel usage and idle time on supported assets
  • Asset location

Enhanced Features

Includes Basic Features, plus:

  • Text or email customized alerts in real time (i.e., Events and Diagnostics, Maintenance, etc.)
  • Data captured at a higher frequency based on your requirements
  • Automated, customized reports
  • Customer-driven parameters that enable advanced remote troubleshooting by utilizing centralized experts*

Equipment technologies and services can deliver benefits to you while respecting your information.
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Smarter Maintenance with Cat Connect Inform

Smarter Maintenance with Cat Connect Inform