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Advise Fleet Management Solutions

Transform Your Data into Actionable Recommendations

Advise fleet management solutions provide recommendations on how to keep your assets running productively and cost-effectively. Using the data collection tools of Inform plus condition monitoring, predictive analytics and human expertise, we manage data on your behalf and alert you when (or before) a problem emerges. An industry veteran assigned to your operation watches over your equipment — any brand — and makes sure you know why issues occur, how to resolve or prevent them, and when to take action. With Advise, you can:

  • Increase equipment availability and productivity by tracking performance in real-time
  • Reduce costly, time-consuming repairs and trips to a site by catching problems before failure
  • Optimize intervals by performing condition-based maintenance instead of hour-based maintenance
  • Receive proactive recommendations to make more informed service/repair decisions​
  • Get advice on maintaining equipment health from specialists with deep product expertise

The result: By letting us monitor what’s happening in your assets now and predict what could happen in the future, you can act quickly to improve performance, cut costs, reduce risk and build your bottom line.

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Keep Chaos Out of Your Operation

An actual person monitoring your equipment? That’s what you get with Cat Fleet Advisor. Discover how an extra set of expert eyes can take your efficiency and bottom line to the next level.

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See how Advise fleet management solutions are helping others in the oil and gas industry run smarter operations.

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