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Cat® Product Link™ Web

All the Information You Need, with No Data Overload

Remotely locate, track and manage all of your assets — regardless of brand — in just a few clicks using Cat® Product Link™ Web. Through an easy-to-use web interface, Product Link Web serves up data gathered by hardware that may already be integrated into your assets. Rather than guessing, you’ll know where your assets are, what they’re doing and how they’re performing. You’ll have the information you need to work more efficiently and lower your operating costs. Choose satellite or cellular network coverage.


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Easily track assets day by day, hour by hour, to manage performance and condition

Product Link Web’s user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to view and take action on key data. Access equipment location, utilization, daily fuel use, PM status and alerts plus fleet totals on a single screen. Customize with the information you want to see and schedule reports.

alert screen alert screen

Get the right info to the right people at the right time

Customize alerts and receive them in real time via text and email to make sure whatever needs your attention gets it. View equipment location and location history, and quickly set up site boundaries and security alerts.  

product link web maintenance product link web maintenance

Track and schedule maintenance to extend asset life and avoid costly failures

View upcoming, completed or overdue services for any asset at a glance. Configure schedules based on your requirements and place parts orders. Work with your Cat dealer to create a flexible, affordable service plan for your operation.

product link data visualization product link data visualization

Manage equipment when it’s needed most to increase utilization

View run time vs. idle time for every asset and instantly spot those working under capacity. Compare asset utilization on a single site. Identify inefficient use, right-size your fleet and find routing improvement opportunities. 

Cat® Connect Vs. Chaos: Which Preventative Maintenance Approach Wins?

Still doing preventative maintenance the way it’s always been done - with confusing spreadsheets or outdated whiteboards? Let us show you a better way.
Cat® Connect serves as your eyes and ears on the rig, tracking maintenance needs, alerting you to service issues and predicting future problems. It’s the perfect antidote to chaos, saving you time, money and stress while boosting your efficiency and profitability. Just watch the two go head to head.

Cat® Connect Vs. Chaos
Chaos Vs. Cat® Connect Preventative Maintenance

How Product Link Works

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Configure Your Product Link Hardware

Learn how to use the online and offline configuration tools, download user guides and view how-to videos.

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*Contact your Cat dealer to see if your equipment is eligible for Cat Remote Services.


Explore Your Poroduct Link Hardware Options
ple601 product link ple601 product link


Collects equipment data and transfers it to Product Link Web using an existing internet connection. Translates Cat Data Link and J1939 information into a usable format. 

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ple641 product link ple641 product link


Collects equipment data and transfers it to Product Link Web using a cellular radio and GPS receiver. Translates Cat Data Link and J1939 information into a usable format.

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