Cat® Remote Services

remote services

Cat® Remote Services

Save Time & Money on Software Updates & Troubleshooting

Keep downtime to a minimum, eliminate unnecessary service trips to your sites and speed up repairs with Cat® Remote Services. All you need to take advantage of these time- and money-saving tools is Cat Product Link™ hardware installed on your equipment.* Cat Remote Services include:


Remote flash Remote flash

  • Remote Flash allows Caterpillar and/or a Cat dealer to send most Electronic Control Module (ECM) updates directly to your equipment from any location — no site visit necessary. (Requires PLE631 or PLE641 hardware.) 
  1. The dealer determines when new software is required and authorizes Remote Flash
  2. Software is downloaded to the equipment while it’s still in operation.
  3. The customer then initiates the software to be installed on the individual equipment control modules.
    NOTE: For Oil & Gas applications, customer must be within 75m of equipment to initiate the software update.
  4. The customer is notified and the Install complete.

remote troubleshooting diagram remote troubleshooting diagram

  • Remote Troubleshoot lets Caterpillar and/or a Cat dealer establish a remote connection to your equipment and perform most Caterpillar Electronic Technician (Cat ET) tasks from afar. A Cat dealer expert will view the asset’s data in near real time and determine if there is an issue. If a site visit for repair is required, your Cat dealer will have the information necessary to send the right technician, the right tools and the right parts on the first trip — reducing your repair costs and downtime. 
  1. Customer calls the dealer to report an issue with the equipment.
  2. The dealer technician initiates a Remote Troubleshoot session, accessing live equipment diagnostics information, and remotely identifies problems.
  3. If required, the technician arrives on site to carry out the repair, with the correct parts in hand.
  4. Equipment is operating at full efficiency with minimal downtime

*Contact your Cat dealer to see if your equipment is eligible for Cat Remote Services.


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ple601 product link ple601 product link


Collects equipment data and transfers it to Product Link Web using an existing internet connection. Translates Cat Data Link and J1939 information into a usable format. 

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ple641 product link ple641 product link


Collects equipment data and transfers it to Product Link Web using a cellular radio and GPS receiver. Translates Cat Data Link and J1939 information into a usable format.

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