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Partner Fleet Management Solutions

Focus on Managing Your Core Business — Let Us Manage Your Data & Equipment

The data you need is readily available. Expert recommendations are only a text or phone call away. Still, it takes time and effort to manage asset health and productivity. Is that the best use of your resources — human and financial? If the answer is no, consider Partner fleet management solutions from Caterpillar and/or your Cat® dealer. Instead of piecing together strategies and dealing with data and equipment management tasks one step at a time, let us manage your most valuable assets around the clock.

Using the data collection tools and expert recommendations of Inform and Advise, we take over tasks that fall outside your core competencies — from small jobs like handling oil and filter changes, to bigger items like completing engine overhauls. Partner fleet management solutions can even involve guaranteeing power by the hour or agreeing to a certain level of equipment performance. The possibilities are endless. You choose the services that let you focus on running your core business more profitably.

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