Level II - Professional Operator Training

Professional Operator Training

This curriculum is intended to improve the operating and application efficiency (productivity) of individuals that have existing operating experience on a machine family. The curriculum provides a review of safety and operational fundamentals, an evaluation or critique of individual operating skills, recommendations to improve skills and operation time under supervision of instructors. Individuals complete this training with the knowledge and documentation (Certificate of Completion) of their skill levels as measured against task competency standards.

The focus of this course remains on:

  • safety
  • maintenance inspections
  • monitoring systems
  • control familiarization
  • operating techniques
  • applications

Experienced operators benefit by refining operating techniques and learning application tips and knowledge. Minimum of four students per course, with a focus on one - two machine families in general or specific industry applications. Applicants are expected to have at least three years operating experience on similar machines prior to registration.

Level II Professional Operator Training is the second of three levels in the Caterpillar Operator Career Development Program.

Program Duration 2 days to include classroom and in-the-iron Less
Program Cost At a Caterpillar facility: $750 US per student per day. Includes instructor/machines/lunch/classroom materials. Does NOT include transportation and hotel accommodations. Less
  At a Customer job site: $1200 US per day. Also must include one instructor travel day at $1200 US plus expenses billed at cost. Less
Cancellation Fee Up to fifteen calendar days prior to start of the class, cancellation fee is 25% of total program cost. Within fifteen days, cancellation fee is 50% of total program cost. Less
Minimum 4 Enrollees Less
Maximum 6 Enrollees Less
Contact Call 1-800-962-6628 or e-mail Equipment Training Solutions for additional information Less
  All enrollments must be received not less than 30 days prior to start of class. Less
  No shows upon start of class will be billed at 100%. Less