Demonstration & Learning Centers

Demonstration & Learning Centers

The Caterpillar Demonstration & Learning Centers are designed to demonstrate the value of Caterpillar products and services through the operation and application of our equipment.

Services Provided by the Demonstration & Learning Centers

  • Machine Demonstrations
  • Machine Delivery Support
  • Sales Training Programs
  • Industry Segmented Training
  • Performance Analysis Team
  • External Customer Programs
  • Dealer Operator Support
  • Service Training Resources

We have the necessary product and application expertise and world-class demonstration areas. Whether you need simple advice or to implement a full program, our experts are ready to help you meet your business goals.


The Edwards Demonstration and Learning Center - where you can experience progress hands on.


The Malaga Demonstration and Learning Center is located on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, where the mild climate allows year-round operation.

Tinaja Hills

The Tinaja Hills Demonstration and Learning Center was designed with one goal in provide a first class facility and staff dedicated to the world's ever-changing training needs.

Performance Analysis Team