Performance analysis/job studies are a service that Caterpillar provides to our customers to help them improve their operations and get more from their investment. These studies can focus on a number of variables and analysis: vehicle and fleet productivity, loading/hauling system analysis, loading tool sizing/matching analysis, equipment operational reviews, and payload weighing and productivity analysis. Payload weighing requires advanced scheduling of a scale truck. The scope of the study needs to be clearly understood and agreed upon upfront. Such studies will typically take two days onsite; another couple of days for office work and report writing.

What can you expect when we visit your jobsite? Our team will perform machine production studies on your specific pieces of equipment to prove a production advantage for Caterpillar products. A general rule of thumb is that a 1% production advantage will offset a 5% increase in price. Also, production differences have to be at least an increment of 10% to be visible to the human eye. Our team can measure to +- 1% accuracy.

How many teams do we have? The Edwards (Peoria, IL) based team visits states just west of the Mississippi River and the remainder of the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada. The Tinaja Hills (Green Valley, AZ) based team visits customers in the remainder of the Western United States and Western Canada.

How do we do the job studies? Our team arrives at your jobsite and sets up the scales to weigh and time. Anything that digs, loads or hauls weight or volume over a measured distance in a specified amount of time can be studied. 

What can be measured? ... Production differences in specific machines ... Payload verification ... VIMS payload comparisons ... Belt scale checks ... FPC data collection ... What about customer good will??

For additional information on scheduling and/or pricing a job study, please contact your local Caterpillar dealer.

Performance Analysis Team
Performance analysis is a service that we provide to help improve operations and get more from your investment