We believe that part of our commitment to our customers is to understand your needs and your business. We know that maintenance, service and support are critical not just to power and performance but to achieving the lowest total cost of ownership. Your Cat® dealer is dedicated to delivering value for the life of your machine.

Basic oil and filter change intervals remain at 500 hours.

Engines are required to use Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel and also accommodate up to B2O biodiesel when blended with ULSD.*

New emissions standards drive new service intervals and maintenance activity:

CEM aftertreatment is designed with a removable center section to allow easy access to the DPF for ash service.

DPF ash servicing:

  • 3,000 hours (C3.3, C3.4B, C3.8)
  • Maintenance free (C4.4 ACERT™ and C7.1 ACERT™)
  • 5,000 hours minimum (C9.3 ACERT-C18 ACERT)
    • DPF Clean and replace
    • Cat reman DPF

No ash service required:

  • (C27 ACERT - C32 ACERT)

Cat dealers also offer Customer Support Agreements and fleet and business management expertise that can help you reduce overall costs and manage your business even more effectively... which may take your success to a whole new level.

*Refer to Caterpillar Machine Fluids Recommendations SEBU6250 for more information.



The Cat Dealer Network supports your machine and your operations.

The parts commonality built into the Tier 4 Final line of machines enables common service tooling and parts stock coverage, further enhancing the value that product support can deliver. With industry-leading parts availability, cost-saving Reman options and Cat Certified Rebuild programs, you can keep your machine performance high and your operating costs lower.

Caterpillar has taken every possible step to effectively manage service and maintenance issues and minimize the impact of those activities on operating costs.


Controlling owning and operating costs is one of your highest priorities.That’s why Caterpillar engineers designed Tier 4 Final products to work efficiently and economically over a long life cycle. Testing and analysis results for Tier 4 Final products, along with customer feedback, confirm that operating costs have been reduced across the product line. This reduction is due to improvements in fluid efficiency and serviceability, both of which offset the costs associated with aftertreatment maintenance.