Saving Time and Money

Saving Time and Money

Do You Need a CSA?

Customer Support Agreements (CSA) are an excellent tool for managing new Cat® equipment right from the start. But agreements can also be written after the sale to help you control costs and improve availability. In every case, you get access to trained experts who know more about your Cat equipment than anyone else. Building the right CSA always begins with a careful assessment of your needs and ends with an agreement that provides you with the lowest possible cost per production unit.

How can a CSA help you?

Think about your current preventive maintenance practices and service needs, and consider who is best qualified to provide these services. Chances are, your Cat Dealer can provide service in a more timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. You save money, improve availability and have more time to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

Is your equipment always available when you need it?

  • Effective equipment management is one of the most important keys to maximum productivity and minimum costs. If you cannot make it a priority with your existing resources, consider the management experts at your Cat Dealer.

Do you perform all of the recommended services and inspections at all recommended intervals?

  • A no answer probably means preventive maintenance is not getting priority attention. A CSA can ensure maintenance recommendations are followed to the letter.

Do you have a preventive maintenance program?

  • Knowing beforehand that service will be needed allows you to schedule downtime and save money with before-failure repairs. Component repairs and/or overhauls can be accurately anticipated-allowing for the downtime to be at the most convenient times and at the lowest possible costs.

Are 20 percent or more of your repairs after failure?

  • Before-failure repairs often cost less than half of after-failure repairs. A CSA can maximize service life and minimize costs by repairing before a major failure occurs.

What are your owning and operating costs?

  • Once you know these costs you can make informed decisions regarding equipment replacement options. Through a CSA, your dealer can help you improve maintenance record keeping so these important costs are readily available. And improved maintenance and record-keeping means higher resale value.

Focusing on Your Real Job

  • What percentage of your resources are spent on the following?
  • Finding and training mechanics
  • Repair tools, equipment and diagnostic tooling
  • Environmental disposal fees
  • Employee benefits
  • Parts inventories
  • Shop building upkeep, taxes, insurance, utilities
  • Service and lube trucks

All of these factors impact your bottom line. A CSA can minimize these and other costs by placing a variety of service duties into the expert hands of dealer technicians. It sounds simple, but the fact is, you may wear a number of hats in your business - from operator to equipment manager and service technician. A CSA can cover any or all of your equipment management needs, allowing you the benefits of working with the experts, your Cat Dealer.