Cat Smartband

Cat® Smartband

Wearable Personal Safety

Workforce Fatigue Management

The Cat® Smartband* tracks employee sleep and syncs to a secure platform as soon as they arrive for duty. You can now reveal the hidden risk and predict risk hours in advance — long before workers become fatigue-impaired.

Smartband data is used by Caterpillar fatigue experts to generate fatigue reports which can be filtered by specific groups and date ranges for detailed analysis.

Key Benefits

  • Empower workers to manage their own fatigue
  • Model and predict worker fatigue risk
  • Identify today's upcoming fatigue risks at the start of a shift
  • Help chronically fatigued workers get the support they need

*The Cat Smartband is not sold for individual use, but instead for a group of employees within an organization.

Cat Smartband Brochure

Cat Smartband Brochure

With the Cat Smartband, you can accurately predict the hourly fatigue level of each operator across your entire workforce before they become fatigue-impaired.

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