Safety Leadership Assessment

Every leader intends for employees to go home safely every day, but the best leaders put intent into action; that tells employees their boss is truly committed to safety.

How do you know how well your leaders are putting intent into action? The best way to find out is to ask employees.

The Safety Leadership Assessment gives you the opportunity to diagnose leader capability across four domains of safety leadership:

  • Driving Accountability
  • Creating Connectedness
  • Demonstrating Credible Consciousness
  • Building Trust

After assessing all employees in your organization you will receive:

  • Individual reports for each leader with 3 or more direct reports
  • Roll-up report summarizing combined ratings and showing combined leader data
  • Organizational diagnostic report showing comparative data on leadership capability and leading indicators
  • Onsite report-out event with your executive team
  • Onsite Safety Leadership Excellence Workshop with all leaders (4 hours)

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