Safety Leadership Assessment

How effective are your leaders in safety?

Leaders achieve credibility through a history of success in the trade – whether they’re working on the front line or a corner office. But not every leader possesses the four key skills required to inspire a culture of safety excellence in their organization. 

Did you know? The average organization forfeits more than $1 million every year due to weak leadership practices.

Companies committed to world-class safety performance are working to reverse this costly trend by identifying credibility and accountability gaps while developing leaders to put vision into action.

The Safety Leadership Assessment is a statistically validated instrument designed to help you assess leader skills, utilize quantifiable data, and appropriately develop leadership to inspire a culture of safety excellence in your organization. 


About the Safety Leadership Assessment

After more than five years of research and collaboration from behavioral assessment experts, Development Dimensions International (DDI), Caterpillar has developed the Safety Leadership Assessment to assess key leadership attributes that, when demonstrated with a high degree, will positively influence employee safety behavior.

The Safety Leadership Assessment provides individual supervisors and managers a measurement of their leadership capability from those who regularly observe the leader's behavior; their direct reports. Participants rate statements on a 5-point Likert scale. The scale transitions from strongly agree to strongly disagree, and leading and lagging indicator questions are asked in a Yes/No format. 

The assessment will determine where leaders score within the four primary safety leadership domains: trust, accountability, connectedness and credible consciousness. Within the four domains are 14 elements that influence an individual leader's effectiveness. 

Once validated, organizations will be able to correlate a leader’s actions to the true presence of safety in the field to answer the critical question, “Am I leading in such a way that I am creating a safer place to work for my employees?”  See an example below of how leaders will receive individualized scores within the four domains and 14 elements.

Learn more about the stages & deliverables of the assessment. 

Assessment Details

Since 2012, our research team has studied hundreds of safety and business leadership resources and combined those discoveries with over fifty years of experience in the field helping organizations create safety excellence. We also studied twenty years of data from our own Safety Perception Survey which was developed by industrial safety pioneers Dr. Dan Petersen and Dr. Charles Bailey in conjunction with the railroad industry and the University of Minnesota. Fifty-three of the 73 questions on the survey directly relate to safety leadership thereby providing valuable historical data for our research.

A key addition to our research team was added in 2013 to help us during the design and validation phases. Dr. Evan Sinar, chief scientist with Development Dimensions International, provided assessment design expertise and the scientific rigor behind assessment validation. The instrument entered pilot testing with several organizations in 2016 to refine the design through practical use in the field.

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