Safety Leadership Assessment

Safety Leadership Assessment

How effective are your leaders in safety?

Whether on the front line or a corner office, leaders achieve credibility because they've been successful in their trade. Not every leader, however, possesses the four key skills required to inspire a culture of safety excellence -- and the results of those shortcomings are now quantifiable with the Safety Leadership Assessment. 

The average organization forfeits more than $1 million every year due to weak leadership practices. Ironically, the single most influential factor on front-line safety performance is the supervisor. Do you know who your strongest leaders are? Do you know who needs improvement?

To reverse the costly trend, companies committed to world-class safety performance are identifying precisely where credibility and accountability gaps exist, while systematically developing leaders to put vision into action.  

Caterpillar's statistically validated Safety Leadership Assessment is the instrument to help you appropriately develop leaders and inspire a culture of safety excellence. 

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About the Safety Leadership Assessment

After more than five years of research and collaboration from behavioral assessment experts, Development Dimensions International (DDI), Caterpillar has developed the Safety Leadership Assessment to assess key leadership attributes that, when demonstrated with a high degree, will positively influence employee safety behavior.

The Safety Leadership Assessment is unlike any other assessment on the market. It's not only statistically validated, it is uniquely tailored to focus on safety leadership attributes.

Critical Insights for Inspirational Safety Leadership

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When leaders gain an understanding of the specific attributes needed to positively influence others’ safety performance, and when they have data to quantify how their approach to safety is perceived by employees, they have the power to create and sustain a safe workplace.

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Safety Culture Assessment

If your organization is ready to improve safety, do you know what to focus on first? Collect organizational data through the Safety Perception Survey to understand the attitudes, beliefs and perceptions of employees, which are based on the norms and culture of an organization.

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