Safety Leadership Skills

Safety Leadership Assessment

The Four Primary Leadership Skills

Utilizing the Safety Leadership Assessment allows leaders to identify exactly what they need to work on and develop a plan for improvement that generates visible results. 

The assessment statements route to four broad categories called Domains, each of which is comprised of several more descriptive sections called Elements. Let's take a deeper dive into these core pieces that make up the Safety Leadership Assessment.

The four domains and their corresponding elements are:

1. Drive Accountability. The leader must clearly define safety expectations, train on what great looks like, measure performance to ensure accurate execution, provide feedback on what’s right and what needs to improve, and provide resources needed.

2. Create Connectivity. The leader must involve employees in identifying problems and creating solutions that work, share information so employees have what they need to work safely, and integrate safety into daily operations as the way of doing business.

3. Demonstrate Credible Consciousness. The leader must portray to others that he/she has the knowledge necessary to create a safe work environment, and the appropriate reasoning ability to make wise decisions the keep everyone safe.

4. Build Trust. The must interact with others in such a way as to be viewed as someone who sincerely cares about their employees safety, values safety as core to business excellence, and demonstrate openness to others in order to build an honest speak up/listen up culture.

SLA testimony SLA testimony

The Stages of Implementation

SLA Stages SLA Stages

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Assessment Deliverables

Each stage of the process includes specific takeaways for the organization and leaders being assessed. 

Communication Template






PPT and PDF Data Decks
Report Out
Leader Reports

COMMUNICATION TEMPLATES: We provide a full array of communication templates to help you communicate with your organization from assessment administration to the results and on to any additional developmental leadership training that is implemented. 

ORGANIZATION DATA DECKS: We will provide an overview of your organization's data in a PowerPoint and a full report in PDF format. These resources can be saved for reference and/or be used to communicate to others within your organization.

LEADERSHIP REPORT-OUT: Top organizational leaders receive an overview of the key elements of a culture of safety excellence as well as the comprehensive safety leadership data collected from the Safety Leadership Assessment. We will also cover strategic planning for organizational action.

INDIVIDUAL LEADER REPORTS: Every leader who has 3 or more direct reports will receive an individual leader report with personalized data from the assessment. This can be utilized to finalize a Personal Development Plan to improve individual safety leadership capabilities.

Follow-Up Developmental Workshops

Following the assessment implementation, data analysis, and leadership report-out, an organization can choose to follow-up with additional developmental workshops for leaders. Options include:

Safety Leadership Excellence Workshops: Leaders throughout the organization will get the chance to review their individual reports, learn the key elements of an effective safety culture and what they can do to improve safety excellence. Participants will develop a personal development plan during this half-day session.

Leading for Safety: This two-day workshop takes a deeper dive into each of the four domains, or skills, revealed through the Safety Leadership Assessment. While focusing on effective communication around these four domains and how to lead change, participants will leave with a more in-depth personal action plan.

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