Continuous Improvement Teams

Continuous Improvement Teams

Even if you’re happy with your operation’s safety processes and policies, there is always room for improvement. New technologies, techniques and processes are constantly being developed, and Caterpillar is at the forefront of these continuous improvement efforts.

Nothing exemplifies our dedication to continuous improvement more than our Rapid Improvement Workshops. Our experts work closely with a hand-picked team of customer personnel to develop a company-specific process or system to address any safety issues on-site.

Team members participate in an accelerated workshop with minimum lecture and maximum discussion, demonstration, hands-on exercise and workbook materials. The workshop covers a number of topics, including:

  • Accountability systems
  • The process of culture change
  • The Six Criteria for Safety Excellence
  • The role of visible management support
  • Applicable CI Team tools
  • 6 Sigma tactics to drive progress
  • Specific resources for the chosen topic
  • Instruction on the four-step accountability model to sustain performance

Once the workshop is completed and a solution has been found, Caterpillar Safety Services will continue to work with the team to deliver any training necessary, as well as develop a pilot program and assist with full implementation of the solution.

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