Root Cause & Job Hazard

Root Cause Analysis and Job Hazard Analysis

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) are foundational safety processes that most organizations perform, but few do with excellence. Learning or revisiting the critical components of the processes can help you determine how well your team is leveraging these important activities.

  • If your JHAs aren’t eliminating incidents and injuries, it’s time to review and bolster your process from framework to follow-up.
  • If you are seeing repeat incidents, your RCA process may be falling short of your expectations.

Learn best practices and get clear directives to improve your existing processes, or build new ones.

Root Cause Analysis Workshop Outcomes:

  • Review problem solving best practices within the Safety Management System
  • Understand the difference between fixing symptoms and correcting root causes
  • Learn how to facilitate and utilize several different root cause analysis techniques
  • Be able to determine and effectively implement corrective and preventive action(s)

Job Hazard Analysis Workshop Outcomes:

  • How to recognize hazards and controls for a variety of processes, equipment and jobsites
  • The step-by-step JHA process and alignment with the Safety Management System
  • The differences and similarities between JHAs, Job Briefings and Standard Operating Procedures and how to leverage each
  • How to be an advocate of a strong and healthy JHA process


Root Cause Analysis and Job Hazard Analysis Workshop Root Cause Analysis and Job Hazard Analysis Workshop