Recognition Strategies for Supervisors


Positive recognition is the most powerful tool to motivate behaviors that create a presence of safety, yet many supervisors lack the management experience to utilize this proven approach effectively.

Recognize It!, a safety recognition program for supervisors, provides the tools to help supervisors acknowledge what workers do right. As soon as a supervisor observes someone is working safely, he or she needs to call it out in a timely, sincere and specific way.

By recognizing and acknowledging strong performance and safe behaviors, supervisors, managers and leads can expect to benefit from: increased productivity, proactive values, clearer accountabilities, positive expectations, better morale and a less inhibited environment where people are more willing to speak up.

The Recognize It! safety recognition program for supervisors includes:

  • Video
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Participant Handouts

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Safety Program Preview: Recognize It! teaches supervisors about positive and effective recognition techniques

Recognize It! Brochure

Recognize It! Brochure