Cat® Dealer Yancey Bros. Helps Strack Inc. Manage Costs

Cat® Dealer Yancey Bros. Helps Strack Inc. Manage Costs

Strack Inc., a pipeline and site development business in Georgia, turned to their Cat® dealer for equipment that would provide the best return on investment when it was time to replenish and expand their fleet.

The company, considered a major player in the trending pipeline business across the southeastern corner of the United States, began 65 years ago in Fairburn, Georgia. Strack President Jonathan Strack turned to Yancey Bros. Co., their local Cat dealer, to help with their fleet replenishment and expansion initiative.

They soon determined the 336E and 374D excavators would provide the best return on investment.

“We wanted the fastest, best, and quickest machine, and the 374D gives us excellent cycle times for a machine its’ size,” Strack said.  We can move the same amount of material per hour with the 374D than with other manufacturer’s larger machines.”

He added, “A huge difference we’re seeing already is the fuel costs for the 374D.  We’re burning around 220 gallons keeping it busy, whereas before we were using 350 gallons a day with another manufacturer’s larger excavator.  We’re getting the same results and moving the same amount of material with the 374D as with the other machine, and its saving us 130 gallons of diesel a day.  If we were to take that out over the course of a year we would see a potential savings of $91,000 in fuel cost on this single machine.”

Strack Inc.’s decision to purchase their new Cat Excavators had more to do than just the performance of the equipment during a demo.  Having a local dealer with the necessary tools and resources was a major factor in their turning their fleet towards Cat.

“Caterpillar does the best job as a manufacturer as anyone, and Yancey Bros. Co. does the best job of a dealer as anyone,” said Strack. “No one has been able to help us manage our costs over time the way Yancey does.”

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336E L Excavator

Offering 12 percent greater engine power and 5 percent greater hydraulic lift capacity with less fuel consumption than the 336D, the versatile 336E reaches further to tackle any job you throw its way.


374D L Excavator

The 374D L Series Excavator has excellent control, high stick and bucket forces, impressive lift capacity, simplified service and a comfortable operator station to increase your productivity and lower operating costs.

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