Cat® Vocational Truck Sets the Standard in the Hydrovac Industry

Cat® Vocational Truck Sets the Standard in the Hydrovac Industry

When Caterpillar introduced its first on-highway Cat® CT660 Vocational Truck, Crossfire LLC was eager to put its toughness to the test.

Crossfire's 10 CT660s are hydrovac units, developed through a relationship between Caterpillar, Cat dealers and Premier Oilfield Equipment. They use heated water to break up earth, then remove it with a powerful vacuum—a fast, safe and effective alternative to traditional excavation.

“It gets pretty competitive in the hydrovac industry,” said Abram Whitaker, who handles outside sales for heavy trucking at Crossfire, a company based out of Southwest Colorado. “You never want to get out dug on a location.”

“This truck’s incredible,” said hydrovac swamper Doug Torian. “The water pressure’s remarkable, like you get to some tough sandstone and it just cuts right through it. It blows all the other trucks away.” That’s because it’s built to work harder than its competitors while still delivering all the power, performance and durability customers expect.

“It’s a pretty complex body,” said Brad Everett, a body specialist for Caterpillar. “There’s a lot of interaction between the truck chassis and the body, and it’s important that we maximize the two together so that they work the best they possibly can in Crossfire’s application.”

Not only can the CT660 handle challenging work applications and harsh jobsite environments, it also helps safeguard employees. Built-in safety features, like sturdy handrails and grab bars, and extensive use of non-slip surfaces, reduce the risks employees are exposed to at worksites. “It’s main purpose it to keep people safe,” said Whitaker. “Digging with water and suction, you end up with a safer job at the end of the day.”

Crossfire LLC has a fleet of 10 Cat® CT660’s, specially designed as hydrovac units. In a competitive industry where workers say "you never want to get out-dug," these Cat Trucks set the standard for performance and reliability.

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Watch this video to learn more about the features and benefits of the new Cat® CT660 Vocational Truck.

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The Cat® Truck is a seriously powerful truck built for seriously productive work—a natural extension of Caterpillar's rugged product line. It all starts with a strong foundation that’s made to handle whatever vocational body or equipment your application requires.

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