Cat® Motor Graders Reach New Heights in Snow Removal


Cat® Motor Graders Reach New Heights in Snow Removal

Colorado’s Independence Pass is one of the snowiest places in North America. At an altitude of 12,095 feet, the harsh conditions close the 32-mile Rocky Mountain pass for several months each winter.

A Cat® M Series Motor Grader was put to the test last season as part of a team of machines that moves in to open the pass along the Continental Divide in the spring. Independence Pass has an annual average snowfall of more than 28 feet, so it’s very tough going in wet, heavy spring snow conditions.

Equipped with a front-mounted blade and a snow wing, the Cat grader had more than enough power for clearing and widening traffic lanes, benching along guard rails and cleaning up along parking areas and entrances. The machine was equipped with All Wheel Drive for added traction in slick snow conditions.

The Cat grader offered advantages from an operator standpoint as well, with a high level of comfort for long work days. Excellent cab visibility helped the operator work more confidently, especially in areas with curvy mountain roads.

A Cat® Motor Grader was put to the test opening a pass along Colorado’s Independence Pass, an area that receives more than 28 feet of snow annually.

Using Motor Graders for Snow Plowing

For year-round versatility, motor graders can be equipped with a variety of front-mounted blades and snow wings to make them powerful machines for snow removal.

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140M2 AWD

The M Series 2 continues the legacy of quality already established by Cat® Motor Graders. The 140M2 AWD utilizes breakthrough technologies, tested in the field and built around real applications and real customer needs.

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