The Choice Is Automatic for Coal-Hauling Business

The Choice Is Automatic for Coal-Hauling Business

The team at Medford Trucking knows how to put in a long, hard day’s work, hauling coal 24 hours a day with a fleet of nearly 100 trucks. When owners Kevin and Dale Medford heard that the new Cat® Truck featured an automatic transmission, they were sold.

“I told them immediately I wanted the first trucks that came on the lot, just to haul coal,” says Kevin Medford of his conversation with Cat dealer Walker Machinery.

That’s because driving a truck with a manual transmission on the rough haul roads and hilly terrain around Charleston, West Virginia, can be exhausting, requiring near-constant shifting of gears. Medford Trucking wanted something better for its 170 drivers, who typically work 12-hour shifts hauling coal from the deep mines to the docks, where it’s loaded onto barges or trains.

The Cat CT660 with its optional CX31 automatic transmission provides an ideal solution. Kevin Medford says his drivers love the trucks because they’re comfortable, roomy and don’t require much shifting. In fact, he says one of the company’s drivers—a 70-year-old veteran—feels no fatigue at all following a full day in the Cat Truck.

“If you can drive a car, you can pretty much drive one of these automatics,” Dale Medford says.

But driver comfort and productivity aren’t the only benefits. Medford Trucking also reports that its Cat Trucks with the CX31 automatic transmission are getting about a mile per gallon better fuel economy than its other trucks. And in a company that’s using 10,000 gallons or more of fuel a day, a mile-per-gallon savings makes a real difference.

That’s a big reason why Medford Trucking plans to buy more Cat Trucks soon. “We’ll probably put six more or so in our fleet in the near future,” Kevin Medford says.

He’s encouraging others to put the Cat Truck to the test as well. “I believe if they drive the truck, they’ll like it and they’ll buy it.”

Medford Trucking’s drivers appreciate the shift-long comfort and productivity of the new Cat® Truck with a CX31 automatic transmission—and the company’s owners are so pleased with the truck’s fuel economy that they’re planning to add six more to their fleet.

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