The importance of service, technology and fuel efficiency in a job site is well understood in theory and all contractors agree on the fact that to differentiate a company from the competition the combination of theses 3 topics brings a serious and effective competitive advantage.


Technology is making an ever larger contribution to machine productivity with its telematics system Product link, and its investment in the burgeoning field of machine control. Caterpillar is at the cutting edge when it comes to developing technologies which are slowly transforming the industry.

Cat® Grade Control applies control and guidance to the blades on dozers and motor graders to achieve higher grading accuracy. Basically, Cat Grade Control helps machine operators move the right amount of material to exactly the right place in fewer passes. That saves time, fuel and money because we simply help take waste out of the customers' process.

Cat Payload system measures the weight that a wheel loader puts into a quarry truck bed with each bucket load. It gives on-going feedback to the loader operators, so they know when each truck has its optimum load. Payload can be supplemented by another system called 2D Project Monitoring. A new system that keeps accurate track of the entire hauling operation on a jobsite. It provides daily production totals and it tracks hauling routes and times.


As the world we work in has become more complex and the pace of business accelerates, customers are looking for more from Cat than just a product—they are looking to equipment manufacturers and dealers to help them find ways to improve their business. Competition is fierce in both products and consultative services. Cat efficient and productive equipment combined with the deep expertise of our dealer network, perfectly position us to be as the global leader in heavy equipment. A complete range of service and expertise is provided by the dealer as: Cat EMSolutions™ which reduces cost; Parts Kits will reduces cost and increase convenience; Extended Warranty will lower your risk; Cat Financial is providing a adapted solution with less cost; Parts Availability brings you more uptime and reduced downtime; Fuel Consumption for less operating cost.


Idle time, operator technique, equipment selection, technology and jobsite setup are some of the key factors that affect fuel efficiency and to take advantage of a quite simple way of improving operation cost, Cat fuel messaging focuses on the fundamentals and you’ll cut costs, increase productivity and get more work from every tank.

  • Idle time is probably costing you more than you think. Take a closer look at the total cost of idle time and see how other equipment owners are reducing it.
  • To optimize fuel efficiency, make sure your equipment is sized right and built with innovative features that improve productivity and conserve fuel.
  • Find out why investing in training can cut fuel use by 10-12% percent and help you attract and retain skilled operators.
  • Set up the jobsite right and you’ll boost productivity and burn less fuel. Learn how Caterpillar can help you increase efficiency by 15% or more.
  • Discover how tracking and using a few key pieces of machine data can help you improve fuel efficiency and profitability.


The New Cat® 336D2 GC Hydraulic Excavator

Versatile and Cost Efficient.
This Cat Delivers by the Bucket Load

Big on Features. Small Bottom Line. This versatile Cat, with its wide range of applications, can handle the toughest tasks whilst keeping operational costs low.